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Synonyms for proscenium

a raised platform on which theatrical performances are given


Synonyms for proscenium

the part of a modern theater stage between the curtain and the orchestra (i

the wall that separates the stage from the auditorium in a modern theater

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All eight of the venue's iconic proscenium arches will have imagery projected onto them using the most advanced 14K digital mapping technology available.
Over the next several years, another cluster of five towers, collectively known as Proscenium at Rockwell, is again set to raise the bar in premium residences.
They closed the theatre in 1930 and completely gutted the interior, removing all the original fixtures and fittings, ripping out the two tiers of balconies and boxes and the elaborate proscenium.
If this design experiment is successful, it might be reconfigured in different proscenium houses nationwide.
Padilla said The Proscenium Residences will offer prime living spaces ranging from studios to three-bedrooms and the first four towers are about 80 percent sold.
2 Angled pin-spots and LED color-wash illuminates the proscenium wall.
com for Brown's elegant definition of "pure movement"), and her reenvisioning of dance on a proscenium stage.
Kentridge's fascination with the theatre inspired him to construct a model of an Italian-style proscenium, which frames a projection of animations based on Mozart's mystical opera The Magic Flute.
Grammy-nominated jazz/pop singer Jane Monheit performed the first concert at the center, a state-of-the-art venue with a 457-seat proscenium theater, an 80-seat studio theater, 500-seat dining and function hall, art exhibition spaces, classrooms and computer labs.
In the more than 2000-year history of the theatre, the proscenium arch is a relatively recent invention.
1) This curtain, in some senses obligatory to the very architecture of the proscenium arch theatre, is usually associated with closure or disclosure: and among its most predictable conventions is the one linked with the opening or closing of a performance.
In Act III, when Kaspar and company returned from the Wolf's Glen, their dialogue took place in a pre-recorded video projected onto both proscenium walls.
Mr Carr said one of the features singled out by English Heritage - the proscenium arch over the stage - had been preserved thanks to the repairs he had carried out when he took over the cinema in the late '90s.
It has a proscenium portal at one end of the arena and a single, elongated performance space where everything from the motorcycles in the cage and the stumbling clowns to the Cossack riders is showcased.
In addition to the 1,100-seat main stage, the complex houses a 700-seat proscenium stage for works previously staged off-site in the annual Guthrie Lab series, as well as a 200-seat black box to stage productions by small companies.