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Synonyms for proscenium

a raised platform on which theatrical performances are given


Synonyms for proscenium

the part of a modern theater stage between the curtain and the orchestra (i

the wall that separates the stage from the auditorium in a modern theater

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2 Angled pin-spots and LED color-wash illuminates the proscenium wall.
Also called the proscenium curtain, it may have little or even nothing to do with the scene that it shuts in or opens out.
It has a proscenium portal at one end of the arena and a single, elongated performance space where everything from the motorcycles in the cage and the stumbling clowns to the Cossack riders is showcased.
Reminiscent of a luxury pied a terre, the building's design includes sculptural installations, dioramas and proscenium arches that frame the composition of the space with an array of live seasonal trees such as Cherry Blossoms for the spring.
And because the installation was staged so as to imply a kind of proscenium, with those hundreds of empty auditorium seats gazing at the images on the opposite wall, it sutured both the exhibition visitor (for whom those prime viewing seats were seemingly intended) and Hofer herself (retrospectively surveying her oeuvre from the front-row vantage of the present) into the social and spatial dynamic it created.
Dudley councillor Charles Fraser Macnamara, cabinet member for culture and leisure, said: "The Town Hall already boasts a first class balcony seating area, proscenium arch stage and a range of modern lighting and sound.
Leonne's previous successes have included her performance in the Liverpool Proscenium Youth Ballet production of The Nutcracker.
The set, an original repertory touring and West End proscenium arch version, was designed for a fully staged production of the Rodgers and Hart's classic feel good musical, Babes In Arms.
Within a few short years, television had become the prized proscenium in American culture, and the stage was open to an array of unsettling opinions and unruly talent.
As the musical Annie wowed audiences, the blaze broke out behind the scenes leaving the stage and proscenium arch severely damaged, as well as a large part of the roof.
Manulife Financial has purchased The Proscenium office tower in Atlanta from Proscenium LLC, a development partnership led by Trammell Crow Company, for US$118 million in a deal that closed today.
D thesis material, but the last scene, with blood dripping down the proscenium and the pod-encased principals warning "Don't Feed the Plants," does produce the kind of laughs that stick in your throat.
The performance is to be staged by Liverpool Proscenium Youth Ballet, which organised yesterday's auditions.
Judging alongside him at John Moores University's Egg Studio yesterday were Colette FenlonByatt and Harriett Croft, the founders of Liverpool Proscenium The company has now whittled the talented youngsters, aged between 10-19,down to 60 and faces the agony of informing those who were not selected.
Using examples from plays by Corneille, Moliere, and Racine, I will attempt to demonstrate critically how the evolution of the aside from a mechanism of dramatic economy into an essentially comic device parallels the introduction of the proscenium arch in French neoclassical theatres.