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adjourn by royal prerogative

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The quorum was found incomplete upon counting and the Chair announced to prorogue the session sine die.
Keeping the political reality in mind, it was decided that we will recommend to the President to prorogue the Monsoon Session," he told reporters.
In Canada, the power to prorogue Parliament is among the prerogatives which have rested with the Office of the Governor General since the issuance of Letters Patent in 1947 by King George VI (other powers granted the Governor General by the king at the same time include the power to convene and dissolve parliament and the decision as to who is to be asked to act as Prime Minister).
The House reconvened on March 17, passed Interim Supply on March 26 and adjourned to April 21 when the Third Session of the 47th General Assembly will prorogue in the morning.
The Modi government played with rules to prorogue Rajya Sabha in March since the original Presidential ordinance issued in December last year was to expire on April 5.
Moreover, there is no big ticket investment project pending and hence there is no point in rushing with the repromulgation which will bring the government under unnecessary criticism if they prorogue the session, the sources said.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper confirms he will ask the Governor General to prorogue Parliament until October, when his government will outline a new agenda in a throne speech.
The government's move to prorogue the House without settling the election to new prime minister," he had said.
This led to the announcement by the Prime Minister that he would ask the Governor-General to prorogue or suspend Parliament until the Conservatives could provide a budget in early 2009.
His request to prorogue Parliament set a dangerous precedent.
4 and allowed Prime Minister Stephen Harper to prorogue the House to avoid a non-confidence vote of his government.
However, he said, Mr Faulkner was already receiving information, leaked by friends in Whitehall, which indicated that Ministers in London had for some time been planning to prorogue Stormont.
Political analysts speculated that Kumaratunga will not face a vote unless certain of victory, predicting that she may either prorogue Parliament for another two months or dissolve it in favor of general elections.
Hyderabad: With the central government about to give final shape to the bill to create a separate Telangana state, the office of Andhra Pradesh's chief minister has written to the secretary of the legislature to prorogue the state assembly.
Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal had reached the office of President Dr Ram Baran Yadav to ask him to prorogue the House session shortly after the Maoist lawmakers manhandled Finance Minister Surendra Pandey and confiscated his brief case as he was preparing to present a new budget in the House.