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Synonyms for propulsive

tending to or capable of propelling

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Swimming performance can be viewed as a function of the propulsive forces generated by the left and right sides of the body.
Parachute assisted landing is one of the ways that SpaceX is testing, with the other being propulsive landings, which was seen in a video that was published last week.
A propulsive action thriller punctuated by moments of jaw-dropping incredulity.
This increases propulsive efficiency because of a larger total fan area while maintaining a moderate increase in fan diameter and weight.
It is equipped with a comprehensive monitoring system and has high propulsive force.
The University of Lincoln team's research has focused on how to make the most efficient use of energy generated by the photovoltaic cells on the airships and its subsequent use in the electrical power systems, energy storage and the propulsive power requirements.
Because of the nature of LNG cargo and its common use as propulsive fuel it creates a number of challenges when carried under conventional voyage charter party terms.
The deal applied to the complete line-up of Mitsubishi Advanced Propellers (MAP) designed by MHI-MME, including the Mark-W, an advanced model delivering outstanding propulsive efficiency.
The Q-series, which shares propulsive power continuously between all four wheels, has influenced almost 40% of the total sales, a jump from 18-20 percent and its still on the rise.
The Townsend rockers have a sound that feels ripped from the heyday of metal at its most glam, with full, soaring vocals and operatic music that's both aggressive and propulsive.
Over generations, the evolutionary race can produce biological and engineering surprises: distantly related fish and boat hulls that have similar streamlined shapes, materials and construction techniques that manage to both stiffen and lighten bodies and hulls, specialization of propulsive systems, and constraints on making turns and tight maneuvers.
Unusually, Lulo has a drummer in his combo, Uli Kramer providing a particularly propulsive push.
Most importantly, Egan's prose is strongly propulsive, and never sinks into fantasy cliche.
A decrease in the occurrence or intensity of the segmental contractions of the circular muscles and predominance of the propulsive forces of the longitudinal muscles may lead to diarrhea.
The humidified oxygen and hydrogen reactants then enter the fuel cell to provide propulsive power.