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Synonyms for propulsive

tending to or capable of propelling

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Based on the collected data on the percentage of the execution time of the respective phases, two indicators, which distinguish the temporal propulsive movement coordination of the upper and lower limbs were reported:
Inspired by a Spanish love poem, its striking images, shifting shapes, and propulsive rhythms invoke the spirit of dance in 16th-century Spanish life.
The quartet session is more heavily weighted towards jazz standrads and and benefits greatly from drummer Joey Baron's unassailable taste--his understated but propulsive playing on "I'll Remember April," in particular, is thrilling in large part due to its economy.
It's not often that words like "discordant" and "melodic" are thrown about in the same sentence, but the band's willingness to let loose with raucous dance-punk abandon while delving into more adventurous, angular soundscapes - all without losing sight of each song's irresistible hook and propulsive beat - makes for a cohesive and addictively explosive good time.
To write their music, singer/guitarist Payam Bavafa goes deep into his brainspace, pulls out the math and transmogrifies the numbers into lovely, propulsive melodies like he's Edgar Cayce in an emotional mindspiral.
The issue in the case was whether the child's injury resulted from Nurse Kuney's negligence in the application of excessive force to the child's head during delivery, or whether the injury resulted from maternal propulsive forces of labor.
that anchors the propulsive antiwar number "Confrontation" and for a cover of Nirvana's "Breed.
In Memory of Leonard Michaels I liked the music of his propulsive rage, his crazy decapitated metaphors that lived one inside the other like savage scroungers.
Opening with the propulsive "Fairfield '72," Harris' bandmates (guitarist Musashi and flautist Jonathan Dyer) find a pocket and lock into a groove through to the closing track (the lounging "Return to Vegas") that's nostalgic yet original and in the moment.
Here, too, Nott offered more than typical token support, providing propulsive but hardly rushed playing and encouraging the brasses to piquantly accent the music.
A collage of relentless diagonal strips of red and black paper, which are slightly at odds with a canted grid of squares cut from and returned to the surface, it suggests the propulsive dynamism--and palette--of El Lissitzky's "Prouns" but might also be put to good use as a No Wave album cover.
A key player in the 1980s minimalist movement, Michael Nyman became best known for the propulsive rhythms and stripped-down harmonies distinguishing the Michael Nyman Band.
The need to achieve high swimming velocities, might lead to increases in the hand's velocity at the end of the most propulsive phases of the stroke cycle.
In their world rhythm is king, and Stanier is the kind of time-keeper you could set your watch to, all propulsive force and accuracy on tracks like latest single Atlas.
Rounding out the program was Ullate's Seguiriya, an ideal ensemble work for this Spanish company, with its stylish, propulsive synthesis of classical ballet, flamenco, and contemporary dance, some of the latter seemingly right out of a rock video.