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To prevent blade erosion, composite props have some sort of leading edge protection, usually made of steel or nickel.
Strawn breaks down the traditional definition and adds to it the nuances of how props are viewed by different theatres and different educational venues.
Because the prop is at low rpm during startup, the magnetos can't provide enough juice to fire the plugs and start the engine.
Many variables need consideration in prop selection, such as boat-hull design, boat loading, boat use, motor size, motor mounting, and water temperature.
Though three-blade props are standard, many who run flats and I bass boats opt for four-blade I props, which generally seem to get a better "grip" on the water, improving the takeoff or holeshot.
Don't use props to hide your dancers Ultimately your goal in a competition is to showcase your dancers' talent, not demonstrate their ability to climb scaffolding or pose on a platform.
They may have to spend time away from the workshop, studio or stage while researching and finding props.
They all say they have no idea what they'll write until they learn about their props.
The internet is one of the best places to buy props,' she said.
THE world auction record for a film prop is the actual Maltese Falcon (pictured) from the Bogart movie of 1941, sold for nearly pounds 285,000 at Christie's in New York.
The easy-to-set prop can be powered to the roof from the water mains or the chock line and provides immediate cover as workers mesh and bolt the groundwork prior to powered roof supports being drawn off, all without the need for heavy lifting.
In these paintings, the blatant prominence and specificity of the props insisted on an active iconographic reading--the sort of reading Pearlstein's earlier pictures taught us to avoid.
On one weekend earlier this season, Bridgnorth were so short of props that they asked their press officer Bob Turner to come out of retirement and play - at the age of 63.
As soon as you arrive inside, you are made aware that the directing intelligence is both strange and humorous, for with impeccable logic, the permanent tubular props, which you have already met on the outside, are repeated within, supporting the slabs of the south wall.
Pre-election polls commissioned by Arizonans for Drug Policy Reform, the group pushing Prop.