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Synonyms for property

Synonyms for property

something, as land and assets, legally possessed

usually extensive real estate

Synonyms for property

a basic or essential attribute shared by all members of a class

a construct whereby objects or individuals can be distinguished

any movable articles or objects used on the set of a play or movie

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As part of the transaction, C&C will take 47% of Chesterbased Admiral while Proprium, a property firm, will take a slightly higher stake.
Yet it also displays forces of separation from ius proprium to the still standing codifications of the nineteenth century.
The ius commune was not, as many historians have assumed, in tension with the vast array of local juridical norms known as ius proprium.
Madec's second, briefer article, commune, proprium, draws together threads of theology and spirituality in the way that seems instinctive to both Madec and Augustine.
de duplici quod proprium hominis sit vivendi genere atque de bonorum malorumque finibus etiam ex divino Maronis poetae figmento habuisse meminerim" ("which I remember Leon Baptista Alberti to have held colicernnig the twofold genera of living which is proper to humans and concerning the ends of good and evil and the figments of the divine poet Maro [Virgil]").