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special nerve endings in the muscles and tendons and other organs that respond to stimuli regarding the position and movement of the body

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Proprioceptors and sensory nerves in the legs of a spider, Cupiennius salei (Arachnida, Araneida).
The antenna was not denervated in the basal segments, because proprioceptors between the articulations of these joints monitor antenna movement and denervation of these structures might disrupt the animal's thigmotactic behavior (Hartman and Austin, 1972; Sandeman, 1985; Basil and Sandeman, 2000).
They have proprioceptors similar to those of lobsters, but they differ in terms of their balancing systems and their condensed nervous system, which allows rapid interganglionic conduction.
32) This theory attempted to use knowledge of proprioceptor function (as of the 1950s) to develop techniques for facilitating muscle contraction in muscles weakened by the polio epidemic of that era.
It is hoped that mechanical stimulation of proprioceptors below the injury, combined with adjacent stimulation of motor neurons in the brain, will augment the stem cell effects.
15,17-19) Due to the many proprioceptors and myofibroblasts (modified fibroblasts similar to smooth muscle cells) (20,21) located in the fascia, this type of tissue plays a decisive role in the transmission of force (22) as well as in motor coordination.
Vibrations can provide specific exogenous stimulation on paravertebral muscle proprioceptors.
2015) suggested that other mechanical and metabolic mechanisms such as alterations in the acute sensitivity of muscle specific proprioceptors, fatigue and elastic storage rather than a reduction in antagonist co-activation induced by antagonist passive stretching would be associated with the increase in activity of the agonist muscles.
In other words, the overall system will correspond to the whole animal with sense organs, effectors, proprioceptors and not, as in an ultra-rapid computing machine, to an isolated brain, depending on our intervention for its experiences and its effectiveness.
From development of the proprioceptors, the "brain cells in the muscles," to elaboration of the visual map that makes up one's kinesphere of coordinated skills, the Edu-K work fosters movement as a way to support and develop the innate intelligence that fires the synapses for learning.
Appropriate corrective action using orthotics must determine postural correction with morphological restoration of balance and body stability [18,19], correct muscle stimulation with normalization of muscle tension, improvement of venous and lymphatic return through stimulation of cutaneous pressoreceptors, muscle proprioception, joint proprioceptors deeper, autonomic receptors but, at the same time, the same devices, they must have good adaptability to all types of footwear [20,21].
Agility training is thought to be a re-enforcement of motor programing through neuromuscular conditioning and neural adaptation of muscle spindle, Golgi-tendon organs, and joint proprioceptors.
Recently, we could show that activation of proprioceptors is sufficient to entrain the central clock of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster.
2,4) The facet joint capsule and surrounding musculature have numerous proprioceptors in the form of muscle spindles and type I and type II afferents.
Direct laryngoscopy by activating proprioceptors, induces arterial hypertension, tachycardia and increased catecholamine concentration proportional to the intensity of stimulus exerted against the base of the tongue.