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1997), "Changes in ankle joint proprioception resulting from strips of athletic tape applied over the skin", Journal of Athletic Training, Apr-Jun; 32(2): 141-147.
Discourage kids from wearing thick, heavy socks as they interfere with foot proprioception and a feel for the ground.
The choice of control system for the multimovement prosthesis: extended physiological proprioception (EPP).
Espejo and Apolo (12), reviewed different studies concluding that there is slight evidence on the effect of Kt on proprioception because most of them do not follow standardized methodological criteria and use diverse measurement systems.
Your doctor can arrange physiotherapy to strengthen your core muscles and balancing exercises can improve your proprioception.
Without good proprioception it is likely that you will continue to 'turn your ankle' as your body has limited awareness of where it is in space, therefore you may trip on a curb or uneven ground surface.
5) Balance control is a highly specific proprioception in the performance of daily activities and is essential in all postures and situations, both static (maintaining an upright posture) and dynamic (in locomotion).
Marjorie Brook, a leading expert as a massage therapist, author, and international educator provides personalized, informative and comprehensive continuing education courses in The STRAIT Method[TM], The ITS[TM], Proprioception & Body Mechanics, and a Client Communications Course for health practitioners and their clients.
Thus, instability-induced alterations in muscle activation, kinetics and muscle stiffness could have an adverse effect upon proprioception and co-ordination.
More importantly, the book never considers our ordinary locomotion or proprioception as possible sources of intimately known concepts that might be transformable into transparent physical counterparts.
Research has shown that certain physical activities improve proprioception (an element of the somatosensory system) in particular joints.
She presented to a neurologist with bilateral lower extremity numbness and impaired vibratory sensation and proprioception.
Damage to the dorsal columns results in ipsilateral loss of proprioception and fine touch below the level of the lesion.
When the calf was placed upright, loss of conscious proprioception was obvious; it maintained its position only a few seconds before collapsing.