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Synonyms for propriety

Synonyms for propriety

conformity to recognized standards, as of conduct or appearance

the moral quality of a course of action

socially correct behavior

a courteous act or courteous acts that contribute to smoothness and ease in dealings and social relationships

Synonyms for propriety

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The propriety of a licensee contracting with or maintaining a business relationship with an individual or entity engaged in the sale, cultivation or distribution of marijuana;
They went to Sabah because they believed they are entitled to their inherent propriety rights as recognized by the Great Britain and that recognition was inherited by Malaysia in 1963, which Malaysia cannot deny because it continued to pay the annual rental payment to the Sultan of Sulu and North Borneo,' he said.
Rules issued in Appendices Two and Three cover the scope of the Senior Insurance Managers Regime (SIMR); allocation of Prescribed Responsibilities; and assessment of fitness and propriety of individuals by firms.
Specific guidelines are detailed in a new section at the end of Standard 6, which will read: "Every organization shall set compensation of its top leader and address related-party transactions in a manner that demonstrates integrity and propriety in conformity with ECFA's Policy for Excellence in Compensation-Setting and Related-Party Transactions.
It is quixotic logic that after going live with the presumptive losses contained in the CAG report in flagrant violation of parliamentary propriety and canons, now the CAG is resorting to the argument of propriety," Tewari said.
4) propriety trading for such other purposes allowed by the Board by rule.
Agnew outlines the Stoic view of propriety with its "particular emphasis on the centrality of individual integrity" (p.
Guarding life's dark secrets; legal and social controls over reputation, propriety, and privacy.
McKenna focuses his analysis on Smith's idea of "propriety," and he claims that for Smith ethical propriety in conduct is analogous to and derived from rhetorical propriety in discourse.
With the move, the company aims to meet an increasing demand for ARTZ Dispo, its propriety hyaluronic acid-based drug for improving joint functions.
A jail inmate brought a pro se civil rights suit seeking to challenge the propriety of charges of escape and other crimes.
The letter states: "We are not writing at this time to comment on the propriety of section 470 as it relates to partnerships.
From this claustrophobic, conventional, Victorian beginning, Forster uses a delightfully light, humorous and subtle touch to lead Lucy to a surprisingly radical view of propriety, religion and a woman's role.
In his first collection, Matejka challenges notions of propriety, as if breaking silence on long held family secrets.
Sambuichi's Air House, like his very different building for Miwa pottery dynasty (p72), is an essay in environmental propriety.