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The winery also celebrated the opening with the release of its 2009 Private Stock Cabernet Sauvignon and its 2012 Proprietress Reserve Chardonnay.
Gigi, the former proprietress of a restaurant in Miragoane patronized by macoutes, wanting to distance herself from the misery of her rural upbringing and avoid repercussions when the dictatorship fell, moved to Port-au-Prince with her younger sister.
As we were eating our crisps, the proprietress brought to the table a generous portion of chips and a plateful of sandwiches.
The village looks like the ideal place to settle down for the Kadam family who open an Indian restaurant, until their encounter with chef proprietress of Le Saule Pleureur, a classical French restaurant run by Madame Mallory ( Mirren).
After being pestered by devils for more than six months, Margery Kempe - new mother, mayor's daughter and proprietress of a highly profitable beer business - is liberated from her torment by a vision of Jesus Christ, in this play by University of Oregon alumna Heidi Schreck.
Heidi Peterson-Barrett, winemaker and proprietress of La Sirena in Napa Valley, will showcase a special Syrah.
Undaunted by such details, Princess Jasmine (Beth Angharad) instantly fell for his charms - much to the delight of Aladdin's mother and proprietress of the laundry, the Widow Twankey (Anthony Williams), who possessed the shoulders of a gladiator, the legs of an inside-forward, bags of talent and a daring array of vivid costumes and wigs.
And which Lil was proprietress of the establishment?
It's narrated by one of his irrepressible boys (not unlike the one in the service of Mr Trabb who mocks Pip on the eve of his expectations), and this is how he records the return of the proprietress of such a booth from an investigative tour of those in France:
asks Rania Naufal, the proprietress of a small specialist bookstore named Paper Cup in Mar Mikhael, an up and coming neighborhood in Beirut.
She was proprietress of La Petite Beauty Salon in Clinton for many years.
The film tells the story of a group of Jewish American soldiers during World War II who decide, or whose commanders decide for, in unintentional agreement with the Jewish proprietress of a movie theater whose family has been deported from France to concentration camps, to take revenge for the Jews killed by executing a number of high-ranking German officers gathered in the theater at the invitation of the proprietress to watch the opening of a film celebrating German heroism.
After a hostile divorce, Tommy has found his soul mate in Magz, proprietress of an anarchic T-shirt shop.
Other strange questions included tourists wanting to know if their ferret needed to be kept on a lead in Hampstead's Kenwood House, and whether a former proprietress of Witley Court, Lady Rachel, liked to debone her fish before she ate it.
She's the proprietress of Number Nine, and it's clear right from the start that things are worse than Alex imagined.