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Synonyms for proprietorship

the fact of possessing or the legal right to possess something

Synonyms for proprietorship

an unincorporated business owned by a single person who is responsible for its liabilities and entitled to its profits


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Fyne was very much of a woman herself--her sense of proprietorship was very strong within her; and though she had not much use for her brother, yet she did not like to see him annexed by another woman.
Tarzan saw, and in the instant that he saw, Teeka was no longer the little playmate of an hour ago; instead she was a wondrous thing--the most wondrous in the world--and a possession for which Tarzan would fight to the death against Taug or any other who dared question his right of proprietorship.
Crisparkle sat down by the china shepherdess; Edwin Drood gallantly furled and unfurled Miss Twinkleton's fan; and that lady passively claimed that sort of exhibitor's proprietorship in the accomplishment on view, which Mr.
He had unpacked the portmanteau long ago; and his elder children now played regularly about the yard, and everybody knew the baby, and claimed a kind of proprietorship in her.
The case was made interesting to the public, by Mr Mortimer Lighiwood's evidence touching the circumstances under which the deceased, Mr John Harmon, had returned to England; exclusive private proprietorship in which circumstances was set up at dinner- tables for several days, by Veneering, Twemlow, Podsnap, and all the Buffers: who all related them irreconcilably with one another, and contradicted themselves.
For sole proprietorships as a whole, receipts increased 2.
In contrast, sole proprietorships are taxed on salaries and not profits.
In October 2010, the number of new sole proprietorships established went up 19.
1, 2010, for all California-licensed firms, including sole proprietorships, performing specified accounting and auditing services.
Maisano, presents the first of what is planned to be an ongoing series examining geographic data for partnerships and sole proprietorships.
Because most sole proprietorships use the cash method, a sole proprietor considering conversion to an LLC taxed as a partnership needs to determine whether the cash method will still be available.
New business owners (and most business owners) operate as sole proprietorships and need to understand the three basic IRS forms for sole proprietor tax reporting and payment.
businesses, and 87% of all women-owned businesses, have no employees," says Hadary, affirming that many people simply claim themselves as sole proprietorships to the Internal Revenue Service and the U.
Meeting the requirements of tax rules can be especially burdensome to small business sole proprietorships that independently own their businesses.
Entities considered will include sole proprietorships, LLCs and corporations, as well as single- and multi-teacher settings.