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Synonyms for proprietary

an unincorporated business owned by a single person who is responsible for its liabilities and entitled to its profits

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protected by trademark or patent or copyright

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Table 28: World 15-Year Perspective for Proprietary Additives &
Over the course of the 12-month evaluation period, our PolyXen(r) technology has indicated its potential for improving the delivery and effectiveness of Baxter's proprietary proteins and thereby represents an important validation of this protein drug delivery technology.
Large computer companies had a natural interest in building and servicing tightly integrated computing systems that ran on custom silicon, employed proprietary operating systems and embraced a longstanding model in which storage and servers were seen as inseparable siblings living under a common architectural framework.
An insurer can design a proprietary fund to precisely fit into an investment style that is needed to fill a client's asset-allocation needs, said Reilly, who in his retirement makes presentations on behalf of the National Association for Variable Annuities.
The cooperative board of directors convened a special meeting pursuant to the provision of the proprietary lease and gave timely notice to Pullman of said meeting.
The site integrates Compugen's proprietary databases, the SAGE database, and public data with access to computational biology programs.
368-1T(e) (1) (ii) (A) provides that a proprietary interest in T is not preserved if, in connection with a potential reorganization, the T stock is redeemed, or to the extent that (prior to and in connection with a potential reorganization) an extraordinary distribution is made with respect to the T stock.
Critics - including heads of the proprietary departments - take a dim view of the council suddenly having that kind of power over agencies that have extensive insulation from political interference under the City Charter.
Is there a more economical architecture for a community health information network than the proprietary designs of IMS, Ameritech, HCS, and others?
Governments recognized the gain or loss immediately as an extraordinary item in the proprietary fund activities.
Unigen's PhytoLogix discovery platform has yielded many proprietary bioactive natural products," said Qi Jia, PhD, lead inventor and Chief Science Officer for Unigen Pharmaceuticals.
Proprietary interfaces can be designed that are highly efficient.
households are on line, but the ISPs have been beating the proprietary services because those households choose quality of Internet access as a priority over quality of proprietary content by 41 percent to 29 percent.
And the same standards that make global, ubiquitous computing possible allow organizations to place Internet-standard network servers (computers themselves) with information proprietary to those organizations on corporate local and wide-area networks to make that information available to employees in electronic form-=such as documents for personnel policies and operational instructions and directories of employees, with photographs, graphics, sound and video clips of them.
In the customer satisfaction survey, Federated's proprietary business was rated number one out of five mutual fund companies ranked by DALBAR, and Federated's non-proprietary business was ranked number one among 18 fund companies.