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Synonyms for proposer

someone who advances a suggestion or proposal

(parliamentary procedure) someone who makes a formal motion

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Smud Expects That The Successful Proposer Will Utilize "keep Full" And
That mention of a proposer or seconder in the nomination papers from a different constituency is a defect of a substantial nature and therefore cannot be remedied by the Returning Officer under Rule 14 (7) of the Rules, it added The bench headed by Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah heard the identical petitions filed by candidates.
Asked if the OCA was amongst the proposers and seconders earmarked for Srinivasan, Behera said: " We are the proposers.
The data revealed that the responder's facial expression did have an impact on the amount offered by the proposer, but only when the responder demanded the larger share.
Proposers opted for even splits much more frequently when a partner could reject offers.
The shareholder submitting the proposal, either alone or together with any supporting shareholders, or the supporting shareholders together without the proposer, must be the beneficial or registered holder of common shares of the Company having an aggregate market value of at least Cdn.
The Proposer shall be capable of providing integration services anticipated to extend through the
They met me and requested me to become a proposer for Modi.
21 ( ANI ): Janata Dal-United (JD-U) leader, K C Tyagi on Monday stated that no person who has self-respect would like to be a proposer of Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.
Court said in its decision that petitioner failed in explaining that how his nomination papers were according to law and he should firstly find Proposer and Seconder of his nomination papers.
Robbins engagement ring stores are offering customers the services of The Proposer.
The first player, the proposer, was free to offer any part of the total to the other player, the responder.
Proposals must demonstrate that the firm or team submitting the proposal ( Proposer ) meets the following Minimum Qualifications to be eligible for consideration for this project.
Islamabad -- The nominations of the candidates for the Premiership duly signed by the proposer and the seconder and by the candidate shall be delivered to the Secretary National Assembly by 2.
The first player, or proposer, offers part of the total to the other player, or responder.