proposal of marriage

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an offer of marriage

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This so far surprised him, as to induce him gently to repeat, 'a proposal of marriage, my dear.
Bounderby has made his proposal of marriage to me, and has entreated me to make it known to you, and to express his hope that you will take it into your favourable consideration.
It was no longer merely a proposal of marriage, but of marriage with Arthur, with whom she was in love.
At any rate, the fact remains that, as that fateful vegetable changed hands across the fence, something resembling a proposal of marriage did actually proceed from him.
After half a moment's pause: "And I should have been very much surprised had either of my daughters, on receiving a proposal of marriage at any time which might carry with it only half the eligibility of this, immediately and peremptorily, and without paying my opinion or my regard the compliment of any consultation, put a decided negative on it.
I have not forgotten," she said, "that you asked my father's permission before you honoured me with a proposal of marriage.
I don't know why I made a proposal of marriage to Miss Verinder.
On a mission,' exclaimed that good lady, to whose mind a definite proposal of marriage for Kate at once presented itself in lively colours.
Earlier on Sunday, The party of cricket legend turned politician Imran Khan confirmed that he has sent a proposal of marriage to a faith healer but that the woman has yet to decide on the matter.
But I kept on insisting my family as a result of which my mother unwillingly went to the girl's house with the proposal of marriage.
A guy's proposal of marriage to his girlfriend is usually an elaborate, unique production.
The Chief Minister was informed that some influential persons of Syed family were supporting the killer Shabbir Nohani who also used their vehicle when he came to residence of deceased Taniya and shot her dead as she refused his proposal of marriage.
It called upon Seccombe to re-enact some very famous images and alleged she was about to accept a proposal of marriage from Dodi Fayed before she died.
Elsewhere, Leyla is nursing her wounded pride after boyfriend Pete rejects her proposal of marriage because he is broke.
Undertaking a proposal of marriage A SURVEY said blokes were largely an unromantic lot when it came to proposing marriage.