proportional representation

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representation of all parties in proportion to their popular vote

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Remember that a few years ago the country was offered proportional representation as an alternative to the present system and rejected it.
The pair want Coventry to be used as a national example of how proportional representation could work and a local referendum for permanent change to be held in 2017.
A proposal presented by MP Ali Bazzi from Speaker Nabih Berri's parliamentary bloc that calls for electing half of Parliament's 128 members on the basis of proportional representation and the other half according to the winner-takes-all system.
Commenting on the possible switch to an election system of proportional representation, AK Party Deputy Chairman Mustafa E[currency]entop has said that political parties should look at this system from a consideration of what is right rather than through the weighing of pros and cons.
Truth be told, an electoral system that favours proportional representation would undermine the current sectarian structure governing Lebanon that, for all practical purposes, cannot change by fiat.
In its current form, the proposal calls for a single electoral district, with proportional representation within each sect.
However, the outcome of the Cabinet's discussions indicated that all parties represented in the Cabinet, except Druze leader Walid Jumblat's bloc which is represented by three ministers, supported an election law based on proportional representation.
That's why electoral reformers should have held out for a referendum on real reform: proportional representation.
The Lib Dems think proportional representation is more democratic, but don't think that a referendum on any EU issue is democratic.
Proportional representation is a system whereby the number of seats each party wins in Parliament, roughly corresponds to the overall vote secured by that party in the election.
It also guarantees 15% of the MPs elected through proportional representation and 25% of the parliamentary seats to women who also will be elected through the proportional representation.
WITH the latest allegation of voting malpractice being fought out in the courts, it is surely time to consider, if not introduce, a method of true proportional representation - a system in which seats are allocated to parties based on their results as a proportion of the total votes cast - in local governmental elections.
18 over the rejection of their twin demands for abolition of the monarchy and declaration of a republic before the election and for the election to be held on the basis of full proportional representation.
Proportional representation was poorly presented, but nevertheless won a majority in every riding and received 58% approval, just shy of the 60% needed to pass and become legislation.
The focus of the former Olympic sprinter's speech was the controversy stirred up over proportional representation when a party aide suggested it had dropped down their list of priorities.
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