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23) With proportional fonts, two spaces between sentences create unattractive extra gaps and cause the reader to experience a fixation pause between sentences.
Macros and templates written for Release 2 make certain assumptions about what a 1-2-3 screen will look like, says Reed, and Lotus's developers were concerned that switching to a WYSIWYG environment (with proportional fonts, different type sizes, rules, boxes, shading, etc.
Say, for example, that you're using a Hewlett-Packard LaserJet lIP and have a font cartridge that supports several proportional fonts.
While WordPerfect is a great package, the 80-character IBM screen is inadequate when you work with proportional fonts and you quickly get frustrated as the right side of your text falls off the screen.
A DeskJet is unable to print proportional fonts in landscape mode.
The Wireless Font Set includes four proportional fonts, four monospaced fonts, and one symbol font:
If anyone has tried to produce tables or columns using proportional fonts, they will have noticed that alignment is difficult.
The features of the product include portrait and landscape views, grid lines, column alignment, proportional fonts, column headings, cell formatting and sheet selection.