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Addition of CT from mangosteen-peel reduced the concentrations of acetic acid, propionic acid, butyric acid, isovaleric acid and increased the acetic:propionic ratio.
Europe was the largest regional market accounting for over 35% of global propionic acid market demand in 2013.
To improve its effectiveness and safety, scientists incorporated propionic acid into an active film matrix.
Benzoic acid, sorbic acid, propionic acid and their respective sodium, potassium and calcium salts are the most commonly used preservatives in foodstuffs.
The Choozit Eyes range of propionic acid bacteria cultures is claimed to make great looking cheese with the requisite sensory properties, meaning it is a true improvement to standard cultures available to date.
When antimicrobial agents such as benzoic acid, sorbic acid, propionic acid, lactic acid, nisin and lysozyme were incorporated into edible films, the films retarded the surface growth of bacteria, yeasts and molds on a wide range of products, including meats and cheeses.
Several fatty acid formulations and propionic acid inhibited mold test fungi.
A variety of antimicrobial compounds are produced by propionibacteria; these compounds include propionic acid, acetic acid and diacetyl in addition to the antimicrobial peptides [7].
Asa Hakansson and Camilla Branning also noted that if blueberries are eaten together with probiotics, the content of butyric acid and propionic acid increased in the blood, two substances that are formed when fibers are broken down and that have previously been known to be important energy sources for intestinal cells.
13 August 2009 - Perstorp has informed Feedinfo News Service that its propionic acid operations in Sweden are still in the process of returning to normal after last month's force majeure.
P3(HB-co-x%HV) copolymer is readily obtained by adding propionic acid to a culture of R.
Products: 2-ehtylhexoic acid, propionic acid, isopropanol, MIBK, MIBC, isophorone, butoxytriglycol, butoxypolyglycol, methoxytriglycol, methoxypolyglycol, ethoxytriglycol, ethoxypolyglycol, Propyl Cellosolve, propoxydiglycol, Dowanol" EPH, Hexyl Cellosolve, Hexyl Carbitol[TM], hexoxypolyglycol, Dowanol[TM] PPH, Dowanol PGDA, Proglyde[TM] DMM
increase for 2-ethylhexanol alcohol, isobutyl alcohol, iso-propyl alcohol, n-propyl alcohol, n-butyl alcohol and all grades of Eastman propionic acid in North and Latin America.
The proportion of VFA changed with an increase in acetic acid (up to 76% from the total of VFA), and declined in propionic acid (up to 14%) and butyric acid (up to 10%); the ratio of these acids in summer was 64:16:20 (Table 3).