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a plant structure resembling a leaf

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Within this pattern, the Cypereae spikelets show variations in (Tables 1 and 2): (A) number and phyllotaxis of the glumes; (B) presence of empty glumes (lack of development of flowers in lower or upper glumes); (C) glume morphology; (D) rachilla internode length; (E) prophyll development; (F) flower structure; (G) structure of the dispersal unit.
Inflorescences interfoliar, 3-4 per node, sharing a common, 3-4-chambered prophyll, curving, becoming pendulous, branched to one order with appressed rachillae; prophyll 34-72 x 78.
leuconeura (Gonzalez 3290), straight elongating shoot (2-0) showing also a non-pseudostipular prophyll (arrowed; 8-0).
01) variation occurred among culms within populations for prophyll length.
A prophyll (rudimentary leaf) emerges from the coleoptile.
In the accessory branches, each of these accessory axes has its own prophyll, in whose axils a prophyllar branch can be produced.
Inflorescences interfoliar, erect to ascending, branched to one order, prophyll short, bicarinate, fibrous, hidden in leaf bases, peduncular bract prominent, rostrate, densely spiny adaxially, glabrous abaxially, peduncle densely spiny, rachis shorter than peduncle, not spiny, rachis and rachillae covered with a dense wooly-white tomentum, rachillae entirely covered by staminate flowers, these shallowly sunken in pits, pistillate flowers directly inserted at the base of rachilla or directly on main rachis in between staminate rachillae and without evident connection with them.
After sowing, the pots were kept in an opensided greenhouse for 2 d until the prophyll leaf emerged, and were then moved into the chambers.
Inflorescences 2-6 contemporaneous: female inflorescences 144 cm long in the fruiting stage, branched to 3rd order; peduncle 62-90 cm long, 5,7 cm wide at apex; prophyll 2-keeled, 31 cm long, inserted 7 cm above the base of the peduncle; the lower peduncular bracts 118-220 cm long, inserted at ca.
Each of these axillary shoots bears a prophyll, a variable number of leaves, and ends in an inflorescence (axillary inflorescence).
A rhipidium is a (cymously) built partial inflorescence in which the prophyll of a lateral axis subtends a new lateral axis, each axis ending in a flower.
2006) and easily separated from all other Cyperaceae by naked unisexual flowers where the female is surrounded by a sac-like prophyll known as a utricle or perigynium (Fig.
For example, Bugnon and Joffrin, and Brunaud, saw the first foliar structure initiated on what we call a "stolon complex" as a prophyll of the whole axillary complex: but in material studied by dissection it is perfectly clear that the first foliar structure is initiated on the stolon complex itself.
The general concordance of additional features such as root growth, vascular anatomy, sieve-tube plastids, prophyll number, leaf architecture, microsporogenesis, pollen types, and patterns of floral morphology supports the general view that both monocots and dicots are natural lineages.