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Synonyms for prophetic

Synonyms for prophetic

of or relating to the foretelling of events by or as if by supernatural means

Synonyms for prophetic

foretelling events as if by supernatural intervention



References in classic literature ?
It is only to-night that the girl's words ring in her ear, with a strange prophetic sound in them.
Our fears must have been prophetic, for on that same evening the wildwood discharged upon us Milly's preordained confiscator--our fee to adjustment and order.
If my soul prophetic err not, if my wisdom aught avail,
Isn't your society capable of anything else but printing this prophetic bosh in blunt type on this filthy paper eh?
His prophetic and doleful despatches had been for years the joke of Foreign Offices.
But the little stream would not be comforted, and still kept telling its unintelligible secret of some very mournful mystery that had happened -- or making a prophetic lamentation about something that was yet to happen -- within the verge of the dismal forest.
The prophetic praise festival with the theme, 'Prince of Peace;' billed to hold tomorrow, at B.
Eastern Region Governor's statement on Prince Naif Award in Madinah tomorrow Madinah, Rabi'I 24, 1439, December 12, 2017, SPA -- Prince Saud bin Naif bin Abdulaziz, Governor of the Eastern Region, President of Supreme Commission for Naif bin Abdulaziz Al Saud International Award for Prophetic Sunnah and Contemporary Islamic Studies has confirmed that since its inception; the Award has achieved its supreme goals underlining the care and attention paid by Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz to the sources of Shari'a including the Holy Quran and the Prophetic Sunnah.
Prophetic Break Through--Decrees that Break Curses & Release Blessings
The Prophetic Voice at Qumran: The Leonardo Museum Conference on the Dead Sea Scrolls, 11-12 April 2014
Prophetic Rage: A Postcolonial Theology of Liberation.
Henry David Thoreau: Spiritual and Prophetic Writings is a biography that embraces a healthy dose of spiritual and philosophical reflection as it gathers classic writings in an anthology which gives a narrowed focus on his prophetic works from his journeys, correspondence, and more.
Mozell-Smith is proud to announce the release of her novel, “Lily Grace: The Prophetic Word of God.
Religious poetry has come out from previous style and a new spirit was breathed into it and prophetic prayers were increased and poets praise attributes of the Prophet which was not common prior.