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owning land or securities as a principal source of revenue

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They facilitated the control and transfer of property during the early development of surnaming in England, as spouses of either sex would often change their surname to that of the propertied spouse in order to align themselves with the estate.
Further contradicting the ideology of universal representation were the narrowly restrictive demographic of the Commons (just 450 or so members, almost exclusively from the propertied classes), and the consequently self-interested nature of its legislation.
Just sixpence in the pound for the 10,000 people with incomes over pounds 10,000ayear but there were howls of outrage from the usual suspects: "An attack on the propertied classes," raged the Tory opposition.
This can be seen with the Federalist Papers that argued against "factions" that might oppose the ideas of the propertied leaders of the country at the time.
The already propertied rich are alone in benefiting from inflation.
exclusion amount where the lesser propertied spouse is the first to die
Finally, though its substance concerned access of propertied women to the Senate, it is most often cited for its affirmation of a 'living tree' approach to constitutional interpretation.
For several reasons that conception took nearly two centuries (1453-1649) to mature, one of the most important being that the aristocracies and the propertied elites assembled in the Houses of Lords and Commons successfully resisted all attempts by the Crown to deepen and widen its fiscal base in order to fund the resources required to establish armies and navies of sufficient scale, scope and technological capability to defend the realm, maintain internal order and protect private investment in commerce and colonization overseas.
This bare bones chronicle is but the half of it, the other being the causes of and remedies to diminish nineteenth-century propertied Britons' anxieties.
Indeed, most eighteenth-century observers would have questioned the value of democracy, rule by the mob, in contrast to the leadership of wise, propertied aristocrats.
While more sustained analysis of religion, as a factor in both the cultural construction of bodies and women's lived experiences of them would have enhanced the book, Gowing's work provides an important examination of the history of the body beyond the world of the propertied elites.
I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class and sole control of those who produce wealth, Communism is the goal.
What is clear, however, is that were she to remain a single woman and propertied, she would be among the potentially disruptive elements in a society organized and directed by males.
They are committed to the view that the levers of power must remain in the hands of the educated and propertied because only they possess the wisdom and maturity necessary to secure stable institutions.
The Famous Five who won the vote for white propertied women in Canada knew a different sense of the geography closest in, and they knew it very differently from women (and men) whose racial and economic circumstances were not their own.