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owning land or securities as a principal source of revenue

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Governor Worth equated the Cooper-Daniel case with the public power of propertied white men and the disastrous consequences that would result if these men no longer stood at the apex of power.
Thus, criminalization in relation to propertied classes fundamentally reflects the regulative requirements of managing the capitalist economy.
Morris argues convincingly that the sharing of propertied interests and of language and cultural forms with the aristocracy need not imply cultural hegemony or imitation: the middle classes adapted or developed forms that met their own needs.
Moreover, southerners argued that slavery not only prevented the immiseration of free workers but also served as the best guarantee to republican freedom for propertied households by protecting society against the dangers of proletarian revolt from below and counterrevolutionary authoritarianism from above.
More specifically, NAFTA will undoubtedly redistribute income from wage and salaried workers to the propertied elite in Mexico, Canada, and the United States.
But we see that when such redress to the imbalance is sought, the state, thorugh its police and courts, throws its weight behind the propertied classes ("you must balance the free speech rights of the speaker against the property rights of the owner, and it comes down in favor of the owner").
Some feudal elements, however, such as the hierarchy of the propertied class of nobles, continued through the 19th century.
These risks and uncertainties include, among other things, product price volatility, product demand, market competition, risk inherent in Mountain Top Propertied Inc.
Much more important in shaping Madison's thinking were events in other states like Virginia, where majorities passed laws that he believed trampled the rights of religious and propertied minorities.
There were two Hungarians and Klaus Iohannis, a centre-right, ethnic German Mayor: wealthy and propertied, but a Bucharest outsider, with no communist past and a record of having transformed his Transylvanian city of Sibiu into a thriving tourist hub and cracked down on corruption.
That middle class consists of propertied, salaried people, many of them young, who see government as an impersonal enforcer of the law and a neutral arbiter of disputes, rather than as a source of funds and favors.
Prior to 1937, elections in the country were limited to propertied men.
Considering Solon in turn as a poet, law giver, and citizen of Athens, they examine such topics as the transgressive elegy of Solon, strategies of persuasion in his elegies, questions of authenticity and function in his funerary laws, the figure of Solon in the Athenaion Politeia, the propertied classes revisited, and whether Plutarch's account of his is a tissue of commonplaces or a historical account.
These were the rights of the male, propertied polis, of the Jan Jeroenszoons, not of the rural vagabonds who were wrongfully hanged as traitors and never had the chance to see their names cleared.
The one was critically educated, the other close-minded, with a definite Bildungsdefizit; the one favoring modern industrial cities, the other backward country towns; the one reserving the private sphere for women, the other giving sway to women even in public roles; the one proud, free, propertied and male, the other advocating poverty, obedience, and celibacy while influencing women in the confessional against their husbands' wishes.