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Properly speaking, the work of Albanian-born iconographer Dhimitri Cika is not painting.
The fifth grade dropout from Bangladesh could never dream of properly speaking a few sentences in English until recently.
Environmentalism is, properly speaking, a Marxist priority.
Mr Smith said: "A woman who bought one of these titles would be addressed as 'lady of the manor' but properly speaking, she would be the lord of the manor.
And they have no heavy industry--they don't even seem to have fun, properly speaking.
Messages have been exchanged but negotiations have not properly speaking begun.
Thesiphobia prevents the author from attempting any kind of differentiation between--and definition of--the other rubrics in her title that raise important questions: Is an early modern playtext, properly speaking, "literature"?
The two works thus convincingly counter Wael Hallaq's charge that the Risala does not represent a work of legal theory properly speaking ("Was al-Shafi'i the Master Architect of Islamic Jurisprudence?
Properly speaking, chaos must be a dynamical system that is deterministic and unstable and also predictable in the short term.
are not properly speaking matters of faith, but matters of the natural moral law that require nothing more than reason in order to be understood.
Referring to the stalled talks over the delayed release of frozen Pyongyang-linked funds at a Macao bank, Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Losyukov said, ''This break means, firstly, that the fulfillment of the obligations by the American side within 30 days failed, which, properly speaking, has resulted in a halt to the fulfillment of original steps in the agreed process,'' according to Itar-Tass news agency.
thus anguish, properly speaking, can neither be hidden nor avoided.
It was not a matter of history properly speaking, nor of literature, theology, or philosophy.
Properly speaking, a wealthy society or country can only be a place where there are many opportunities for individuals to create wealth for themselves.
Properly speaking, there is thus no forecast of the Riksbank's monetary policy; presented instead is a path of development for the repo rate that the NIER considers appropriate.