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It has been remarked, that even among the Swiss cantons, which, properly speaking, are not under one government, provision is made for this object; and the history of that league informs us that mutual aid is frequently claimed and afforded; and as well by the most democratic, as the other cantons.
Look here, Quatermain, this business is nasty, and one with which, properly speaking, we ought not to be mixed up, but we are in for it, so we must make the best of our job.
The movement is, properly speaking, a derivative from Nihilism--though they are only known indirectly, and by hearsay, for they never advertise their doings in the papers.
Brooke, who was just then informing him that the Reformation either meant something or it did not, that he himself was a Protestant to the core, but that Catholicism was a fact; and as to refusing an acre of your ground for a Romanist chapel, all men needed the bridle of religion, which, properly speaking, was the dread of a Hereafter.
And not-being is not one thing but, properly speaking, nothing?
Rachel, properly speaking, is not Rachel, but Somebody Else.
Wine, properly speaking, had been hitherto unknown; a thin, sour beverage like verjuice had been their only drink, but now wineshops were established to supply a natural demand.
Students furnished more of a crowd and more noise there than artisans, and there was not, properly speaking, any quay, except from the Pont Saint-Michel to the Tour de Nesle.
Not, properly speaking, a real pagoda, it was an ornamental structure in the form of one.
As it happens, they were painted, or, more properly speaking, spray-painted, on the obverse sides of glass panels.
NNA - A potent president must emerge out of his own religious sect properly speaking, Zgharta leader of the Marada party Suleiman Frangiyeh stated upon emerging out of a courtesy visit to the mufti of Tripoli Malek Sha'ar early today.
Second and Third John are properly speaking "letters" with openings, bodies, and farewells.
Properly speaking, the Dominican Jubilee will be celebrated from Nov.
Neither, though, is an organization, properly speaking.
Properly speaking, the question of whether Muslims and Christians are talking about the same God cannot be settled in this world, as there are limits to the knowledge of faith.