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a noun that denotes a particular thing


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Optionally, proper nouns can be included in this 95%, but whether or not proper nouns qualify as "familiar vocabulary" is a complicated question that is discussed in more detail later) Texts that do not make the 95% cut-off are dropped.
Writing about "Hills Like White Elephants," Pamela Smiley consistently relies on the proper noun "Jig," leaving the "girl" reference to work within the realm of the story.
The extra AEPRS words are from Darryl Francis' list of twenty (79-172), including a proper noun.
And, in an appropriate context, that or this may modify a proper noun with derogatory overtones, as in Who's this Mrs Smith who wants to see me?
An adverbial phrase might follow to make the sentence complex ("Before going to the store, Mary writes a proposal, and Hank watches television") or a second proper noun added for a compound subject ("Before going to the store, Joe and Mary write a proposal, and Hank watches television").
Mr Khan reasons that the loss of Corus and Garlands has devastated the North-east, presumably the use of this particular proper noun was a genuine lapse of accurate English rather than literally claiming that the geographical boundary, including Northumberland, Durham, Teesside and North Yorkshire and all towns and cities contained therein are equally devastated.
With multiple owners, first make the proper noun plural by adding 's' (or 'es' to names that already end in 's') and then an apostrophe: the Bennetts' house, the Smiths' house, the Williamses' house, the Joneses' house.
The post-genitive is virtually restricted to very short noun phrases, but it is in fact only slightly more frequent than a common-case of-phrase, even with a single proper noun.
The underlying factor behind the linguistic phenomenon is that, theoretically, conversion is possible for any proper noun to be used as a common noun.
A pronounced tendency found among many non-Scandinavian Wisconsinites is to apply this melodic up and down syllabication pattern to multi-syllable English words, including the proper noun "Wisconsin" itself.
An even less palatable expedient would have been to use some obscure proper noun ending in -lir or -lirp or having the letter sequence lirpa within it, or whose full name happened to be Ir, Lir, Irp, Lirp or Lirpa.
Identify the nine-letter proper noun that can be placed before box, cake, card, carol, cracker, Eve, Humphreys, Island, Pie, Pudding and Tree.
Internet is no more a proper noun that is telegraph or telephone or radio.
I know this is silly, but part of the name of the program is a proper noun I wanted to play with.
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