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a noun that denotes a particular thing


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Thus in the case of a proper name, while the word is a set of similar series of movements, what it means is a series of occurrences bound together by causal laws of that special kind that makes the occurrences taken together constitute what we call one person, or one animal or thing, in case the name applies to an animal or thing instead of to a person.
We only give proper names to the individuals of a species when they differ inter se in practically important respects.
She was evidently displeased; looked up, and seeing herself watched, blushed more deeply than he had ever perceived her, and saying only, "I did not know that proper names were allowed," pushed away the letters with even an angry spirit, and looked resolved to be engaged by no other word that could be offered.
The names have been purposely concealed; my father himself does not know who this president was, and if he knows, he cannot tell you; proper names are not in the dictionary.
But you know that my memory is merely a mausoleum of proper names.
Many Somalis have a nickname often as commonly used as their proper name.
2014, the application for grant of licence for a drug formulation containing single active ingredient can be made only in the proper name and the existing licencees manufacturing single active ingredient drug formulation also have to apply for grant of licence for a drug formulation containing single active ingredient in proper name within one year of the commencement of these rules.
She loves that her proper name is Lil Miss Congeniality.
We may examine the proper name separately of its metaphoric relevance, focusing on the elucidation of the employments that the characters and the author make of names, and by that enabling us to perceive the name as a component of the text's language.
What is the proper name of the flowering plant popularly known as the Christmas Rose?
David Morley said: "He was known as Paddock Jack but his proper name was Jack Dyson and he lived at Paddock Head.
Lynn Faulkner, Balfour Beatty Capital proper name of the IMF are
What is the proper name for a twin-hulled play Tom Quinn?
We, as a community, have the opportunity to give this new high school a new and proper name, and we should start the discussion about this topic," Mr.
In contrast to common belief that a proper name does not hold connotative and descriptive meanings (Manini 171; Nord 183), proper names are conspicuously informative by illuminating us (sometimes roughly) about the demographic features of referents regarding sex (Ayse-Ali), age (Saziment, Melisa) or their geographical or ethnic origin within the same language community (e.