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Synonyms for propelling

tending to or capable of propelling

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For just as he was lowering his tray and bending over the table in the pursuance of his professional duties, along came Bill at his customary high rate of speed, propelling his partner before him, and for the first time since he left home Heinrich was conscious of a regret that he had done so.
The gases expand instantly, propelling the shell skyward.
The three-ball gizmo would move by a series of transformations in which each arm elongated or contracted, changing the spacing between the balls and propelling the device forward, reported Iranian physicists Ramin Golestanian of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences in Zanjan and Ali Najafi, now at Zanjan University.
The X-43 then will fire its experimental engine for about 10 seconds, with hopes of propelling it to Mach 10.
On average, residents were observed propelling their wheelchairs on only four of the 96 observations.
Wheelchair consumers can self-propel with the large 20", 22" or 24" rear wheels, or, if propelling assistance is required, maneuverable 12" rear wheels may be used instead.
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The measurements suggest that the gas propelling this particular fountain had built up in a reservoir about 1.
As the riders navigate up the ramp and through the store, easily propelling themselves only with their body motion and not their feet, kids immediately start telling their parents, `I want that
They're getting closer to propelling a spacecraft in this way.