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Synonyms for propellent

tending to or capable of propelling

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For example, space-based lasers require significant amounts of chemicals, while space-based kinetic energy weapons need substantial amounts of propellent and accurate guidance systems.
Police who searched Magee's car found a bolt-action rifle, several rounds of ammunition, small bottles of propane and rigged containers of a petroleum-based propellent.
The ERV runs a pump to suck in the Martian air - mostly carbon dioxide, which reacts with a small amount of hydrogen already on board to produce a large supply of methane-oxygen rocket propellent.
Malfunctions may occur when ammunition with low propellent (sic) charge is fired.
2,4,6-Trinitrotoluene (TNT), a relatively water soluble nitroaromatic compound, is a common pollutant in soil and groundwater at sites with substantial military activities, such as those associated with munition production, handling, testing, and disposal of explosive and propellent materials.
Nitrocellulose is the propellent and ammonium nitrate is used as the oxidising agent.
Further research on Nobel's part led to the development of cordite, a mixture of gun-cotton and nitroglycerine which, when shaped into stick form, proved to be a perfect propellent.
The case, propellent and bullet are conventional components.
Restating Petronio's propellent circle of the arm, they also echo the dynamic extremities of his explosive technical virtuosity.
Utilization was measured in terms of propellent mixes, or the number of rocket motors produced at the facility.
The propellent in the space shuttle's solid-rocket boosters is a powdered form of aluminum.
Within a year, war work came to the laboratory: for the manufacture of cordite propellent, the British Navy needed large quantities of acetone, which was then a forest product.
One event that does produce UV, however, is the burning of solid rocket propellent.
To keep its products from damaging Earth's ozone layer, it uses environmentally friendly nitrogen as a propellent instead of fluorocarbons and hydrocarbons.
A Squib Load is a cartridge lacking propellent so there's not enough energy to push the bullet down the barrel.