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Synonyms for propellent

tending to or capable of propelling

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Prepared Explosives (Excluding Propellent Powders): European Union Market Outlook 2010 and Forecast till 2015
In October, the city presented a $1 million check to Skunk Works to buy a power system and liquid propellent tanks for the launch site of the X-33, an aircraft intended to prove technologies for VentureStar.
I find this especially interesting because he was using them for target shooting and hunting when black powder was still the main propellent.
Sales of energetic components for automobile airbags and sales of liquid fuel rocket motors for satellites advanced in 1996, while military sales of solid propellent rocket motors held steady.
Tenders are invited for Creation Of Facilities For Manufacturing Of Single Base Propellent At Of Itarsi
Chromalloy is the largest operating unit of Sequa Corporation, a diversified technology company headquartered in New York whose other principal operations include: the production of solid and liquid propellent and rocket motors for missiles and space; the manufacture of automotive airbag inflators; the manufacture of specialty chemicals at a facility in the United Kingdom for distribution to the international detergent market; the coating of metal coil for building products and other uses; the manufacture of auxiliary printing equipment, machinery for the two-piece can industry and automotive cigarette lighters, among other operations.
In October, the city of Lancaster presented a $1 million check, with funding secured through the grant program, to Lockheed Martin Skunk Works to purchase a power system and liquid propellent tanks for the X-33 launch site at Edwards Air Force Base.
The profits of the ARC Propulsion unit increased in 1995, reflecting the ongoing effect of cost reduction programs instituted in earlier years, as well as a sharp increase in the production of solid propellent and other components for automotive airbags.
Sewage pipelines operating under pressure (depressed / propellent ducts) total length of 7,820 m
The NK-33's simple, robust design integrated conventional materials and manufacturing processes to take full advantage of the energy in the liquid oxygen-kerosene propellent.
wastewater pipelines operating under pressure (depressed / propellent conductors) total length of 7,820 m
The state grant will allow Lockheed Martin to complete the launch site on the eastern part of Edwards Air Force Base by purchasing a power system and liquid propellent tanks.
The B-29 crew had to jettison the Skyrocket, after the D-558-II pilot, Jack McKay, had radioed to abort the mission because of problems pressurizing his rocket propellent tanks.
Lancaster will use the grant money to purchase a power system and liquid propellent tanks for a launch site being built at Edwards Air Force Base for the X-33 program, a high-speed suborbital craft being built to test technologies for a future spaceship.
Other types of wastes such as unspecified aqueous solutions, contaminated soils, pain waste off-specification, aged or surplus inorganic, halogenated solvents, solvent mixtures of polymeric resin, thiosulfact, non-solvent organic liquids with metals, latex waste, torpedo propellent and other hazardous materials are estimated to have accounted for the remaining 15 percent of the wastes.