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colorless gas found in natural gas and petroleum

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Chapter 3 Global Propane Market - Industry Analysis
More than 50 percent of propane sales are attributed to residential uses, such as space heating, cooking, and clothes drying.
When the researchers examined these cylinders, they found traces of ethane and propane locked in the sediment.
Nevertheless, the researchers found ethane and propane locked in the sediments at all six sites.
The court found that Maloof's personal loan guarantee, his pledge of stock and the bank's control of Level Propane did not constitute an economic outlay to create basis.
The air district is also hoping the pump project will glean more information on the demand for propane.
propane consumption and is highly seasonal, but propane production is not.
DPM recommends that all future roof contracts involving torched down roof systems require a hold harmless clause from the contractor if he or his propane supplier has an accident on the premises of the co-op or condo while delivering the propane canisters.
Tri State Propane will be rebranded Pinnacle Propane in the coming weeks.
To build a self-heating feature into their design, the researchers coated one of the fuel cell's electrodes with a catalyst--a mixture of ruthenium and cerium dioxide--that enhances the breakdown of propane by oxygen.
Fire officials said the fire was apparently caused by a leak in the propane tank, deputies said.
Roofers were using propane torches to install modified roofing started a 3-alarm fire that destroyed 30 apartments at 327 West 30th Street in Manhattan, leaving those residents homeless.
By uniting the Reynolds Brothers Propane operation with one of the leading propane companies, Pinnacle Propane became one of the largest distributors of propane in Arkansas.
NEW YORK, July 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The propane market report by Transparency Market Research provides in-depth analysis of the global propane industry.
IRVING, Texas -- Pinnacle Propane LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of JP Energy Partners LP ("JPE"), announced today the partnership is completing the final stage of integrating its 2011 acquisition of Arthur Propane Company by changing the name to Pinnacle Propane.