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Synonyms for propagator

someone who propagates plants (as under glass)

someone who spreads the news


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If you haven't got a greenhouse but want something bigger than a standard propagator a multi-grow is a self-assembly grow house which is available in various sizes to suit individual needs.
The wavy line with the tag Al stands for the "soft" photon propagator [D.
Similarly, the Van Vleck propagator provides a map from which it's possible to calculate and predict the future course of any disturbance introduced into a system, whether a room or a molecule.
You can also have fresh herbs throughout the winter months if you pot up clumps of mint, thyme or oregano grown in your garden over summer and put them in the greenhouse, or try sowing basil in a heated propagator in pots, nipping out shoots that threaten to flower.
uk Grow Your Own magazine highly recommends saving up for the Vitopod, claiming it is the best and most accurate electric propagator it has seen and retails at pounds 124.
Check whether the heated propagator has a thermostatic control which will control the temperature more constantly and click off if the room temperature becomes too warm,'' says Richard Gianfrancesco, head of research at Which?
If you only want a few bedding plants you may be better off with a heated propagator on a windowsill indoors and a few cold frames.
Teachers can register for a growing pack which includes a propagator containing 35 pre-sown young plants - enough for one plant, per child, per class.
I know of many a gardener who gets carried away with the electric propagator.
Both geraniums and fuchsias are relatively easy to root and most people can manage to get good results with or without the aid of a propagator.
There definitely is a seasonality associated with them,'' said Dylan Hannon, plant propagator at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden in Claremont.
Q I HAVE had difficulty growing Impatiens (Busy Lizzie) in my heated propagator and cold greenhouse.
They are a leading breeder and propagator of all types of chrysanthemums: pot mums, garden mums, spray mums and Fleurettes; and a leading propagator and marketer of perennials, annuals, asters, azaleas, dahlias, exacum, gloxinias, hibiscus, New Guinea impatiens, lisianthus, pentas, poinsettias and pot roses.
Towards the end of the month you can sow tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers in a heated propagator so make sure you have seeds ready to go.
2 For anyone who wants to start growing plants, a propagator will be a welcome boon.