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information that is spread for the purpose of promoting some cause

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Calling it the 'stupidest' article he has ever read, Assange questioned the basis of the story, noting that his ties to the supposed Russian involvement in propaganda in the Philippines were established using only a single tweet.
Department of Defense (DOD) signed a Memorandum of Agreement to operationalize the programs and priorities of the Global Engagement Center (GEC) to help counter foreign propaganda and disinformation.
GILGIT -- Provincial Minister for Information, Planning and Development, Iqbal Hassan here Friday said that opponents' propaganda about tax issue would prove unsuccessful and PML(N) would give them reply with better service delivery and development works.
This book describes the history, theory, and practice of political propaganda during World War II, through visual and written primary source material.
The removal of these key ISIS leaders disrupts ISIS's propaganda production, distribution, and the ability to fund ISIS' terrorist activities," it said.
Kolberg, a Nazi propaganda movie, was released simultaneously in Berlin, the capital of the Third Reich on January 30, 1945, and France's Atlantic port town of La Rochelle in which a German garrison surrounded by allied troops held out until the end of the war.
The Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) has taken down a propaganda video aimed at shoring up support for martial law to combat 'extremism.
While expressions like "fake news" and "alternative facts" are part of everyday doublespeak, the exhibition "After the Fact" in Munich fittingly explores different levels of propaganda as seen by artists.
ISLAMABAD -- Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb has urged the social media users to refrain from negative propaganda against constitutional institutions of the state.
Propaganda items in media outlets have increased 30-fold from the summer of 2013 till the end of 2016: this is according to the findings of the Foundation for Humanitarian and Social Research, quoted by BNR.
The history of cinema is an important tool for understanding the use of film for propaganda and indoctrination.
He then examines the activities of official propaganda units such as the German Information Office in New York as well as self-motivated activists and academics.
According to reports, the propaganda broadcasts from loudspeakers could likely draw an angry response from North Korea, which is extremely sensitive to outside criticisms.
There is a difference between propaganda and information, he said, adding "Your job is not propaganda, you are not trained for propaganda.
Propaganda war by Labour Party I AGREE with P Simms (Letters, December 30).