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information that is spread for the purpose of promoting some cause

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She said her Office has been engaged in a campaign on several fronts in the past 12 months to attack the root causes of propaganda, including considerable time and resources spent on working with Russian and Ukrainian journalists in confidence-building measures designed to bridge the gap between them, and training for young journalists from the two states on topics such as ethics in journalism.
The spokesman regretted that a section of foreign and local media had accommodated a propaganda news along with a video, which was issued by terrorists about killing of an individual, claimed by them as an intelligence official, said a press released.
Var of PKK terrorists while making organizational propaganda
Then I started to hear, again and again (one of the tenets of propaganda is repetition), that they only wanted to make a difference.
Propaganda is concerned with the management of opinions and attitudes by the direct manipulation of social suggestion rather than by altering other conditions in the environment or in the organism.
ere will also be the opportunity to go behind the scenes of Libby Watson's 1930s radio-studio set design for Propaganda Swing, and learn more about the highglamour fashions which will grace the stage as part of the show in a special costume exhibition.
In connection with this, amendments are proposed to the Criminal Code prohibiting propaganda of LGBT.
Propaganda, based in Leeds, but founded in Huddersfield, outshone the other shortlisted organisations, including KPMG for their work with Phillip Morris International, Boxwood with Travelex and Prederi with the Department for Health.
International Community (IC) and International criminal court (ICC) should also investigate or prosecute all the comrades who were inciting the tribal war through the media in South Sudan by using propaganda full of lies.
Those messages not only try to persuade us through interaction and the analytical presentation of arguments (persuasion), but as well through the use of symbols and techniques causing sentimental reactions, the one-sided presentation of evidence, the selective presentation of the aspects of a certain issue, even with lies, characteristics that lead to the domain of propaganda.
Propaganda Cyprus Dance Bar is a brand new flashy addition to Limassol's tourist area, aspiring to resemble the jet setting bars of big cities in Europe and America.
htm) "gay propaganda law " is constitutional, dismissing a complaint from a prominent gay rights campaigner.
Divided into three elements of propaganda (approaches, effects, and groups), this collection spans eras from the early Greeks to the present day, including observations from Harvey Milk, Churchill, Cromwell, Kurt Vonnegut, and Dos Passos, Pericles's funeral oration by Thucydides, words from Friedan, Carson's Silent Spring,, W.
Manila: The Supreme Court has issued an order placing on hold the implementation of a poll body rule placing curbs on excessive election propaganda for the May 13 elections.
Motherland in Danger: Soviet Propaganda during World War II, by Karel C.