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a course that provides an introduction to an art or science (or to more advanced study generally)

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University of Gottingen 1967), Schowerling moved on to the propaedeutics of scholarly reading when he, together with Rolf Breuer, co-authored and co-edited a general introduction to the study of English: Das Studium der Anglistik, (Munich: Beck, 1974, rev.
While this paper is unambiguously slanted towards the semiotics, propaedeutics and" finally the heroics of existential healing rather than existential (let alone literal) killing, it is" probably fair to acknowledge that Hawthorne does not actually articulate the conventional 'and they lived happily-ever-after'.
The research was approbated at a chair meeting of pediatric, therapeutic, surgical dentistry, propaedeutics, prosthodontics and refresher training chair of Volgograd State Medical University (September, 2006).
For instance around 3 000 years BC Hindus studied phonetics, grammar, exegesis, logic, mathematics, astronomy and some other scientific disciplines as propaedeutics for understanding the Vedas.
Propaedeutics and the rationale behind technologies
14) These books would have to articulate propaedeutics for practical reason and for the metaphysics of natural science.