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Synonyms for propaedeutic

a course that provides an introduction to an art or science (or to more advanced study generally)

preceding and preparing for something

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12) Thomas Jeannot, "A Propaedeutic to the Philosophical Hermeneutics of John Dewey: Art as Experience and Truth and Method," The Journal of Speculative Philosophy 15, no.
One the most relevant events in the last six years, from the academic perspective for the Faculty, took place in the second semester of 2010, with the decision from the Academic Council of adopting the model for formation on Propaedeutic Cycles for the curricular projects offered in the Faculty.
28) Besides the propaedeutic and apologetic tasks, a third task, with more constructive roots, has emerged as an important agenda of fundamental theology: interreligious dialogue.
profane, propaedeutic (introductory), proprietarian, prostrate, serrate
Tenders are invited for Production MOOC propaedeutic (priority - actions 1 and 2 of the Digital Agenda)
Admittedly, much of this propaedeutic attention to the sacred scripture of Islam has emerged within broader political contexts of war and terrorism, which have foregrounded the Quran as a key to understanding current events.
Such passages show that, as the work progresses, natural aesthetics fulfils a propaedeutic function regarding environmental ethics.
On the one hand, it has propaedeutic value, that is, it favors the integral development of the person and prepares him to explore any specific science in depth.
Devine's proposition is more nuanced, instead seeing them as propaedeutic to the dramatic changes about to occur in the remainder of the century and beyond.
For the measurement of the outcome indicators of tissue integrity: skin and mucous membranes, propaedeutic methods of inspection and palpation were used, however two of the indicators were measured by specific instruments: temperature by means of a Minipa[R] brand MT-305 infrared thermometer, calibrated with emissivity of 0.
The tempestuous relationship between Zerstorung (destruction) and redemption that features prominently in Benjamin's thought, as we also learn from the kraus essay, is part of a messianic development that functions as a propaedeutic toward a redeemed history.
But what also becomes increasingly clear is that for Bede this pattern of teaching and doing is inextricably bound to--both propaedeutic for and a consequence of--a right reading of the whole of Scriptures.
This demonstrates the importance of the applied research conducted by the entity, which seeks to promote innovation in educational programs, as well as homologation processes by aligning propaedeutic cycles between technological and professional formation.
And then 'Critique is identified as a propaedeutic or discipline of the system entitled transcendental philosophy.