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a root that grows from and supports the stem above the ground in plants such as mangroves

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Mangrove trees reached an average height of 2m with dense prop roots extending into water at a mean depth of 50cm.
The combined effect of the prop root and pneumatophores of Rhizophora and Avicennia respectively, could be responsible for the supply of the essential requirements needed for aerobic PAH degradation in the rhizosphere of the plant.
Many animals find shelter in the quiet waters around the prop roots.
During the day, large numbers of medusae were found swimming close to the surface in between the prop roots.
Mangrove prop roots create rich, colorful nurseries for fish and marine life; above, branches offer habitat for birds and other wildlife.
Prop roots are modified adventitious roots proving anchorage and stability.
As I hunkered down among the prop roots, something caught my eye.
In the Caribbean, red mangroves (Rhizophora mangle) produce extensive networks of aerial prop roots [greater than]1 cm in diameter that extend below lowest low water (LLW) before reaching and anchoring into peat or silty benthos (Gill and Tomlinson 1977).
Trees that survived put out fewer, shorter prop roots and had more dead root protuberances.
Isopods also were hand-picked from red mangrove prop roots and from under beach wrack that had accumulated above the high water mark.
They are easily discernible by their prop roots that extend from the plant down into the substrate or soil.
Taxa recorded previously as rare in other substrata are common or abundant on the epiphytic macroalgae of mangrove prop roots.
The red mangroves, with their pale, gnarled trunks and tangled prop roots, are inscrutable, mysterious, and endlessly fascinating.
I was following rhizophora thickets that lined the main channel when my boatman spotted a gap among the tangled prop roots and steered us, slowly, into the heart of the swamp.
At lower tides, when even prey species can barely make the recesses in the prop roots, larger gamefish lurk in pools and channels along the edges of the trees.