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someone who reads proof in order to find errors and mark corrections


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Turner's Proofreader automatically checks a contract for common drafting problems: words and phrases that look like defined terms but aren't, broken cross-references, and more.
Proofreader, who has only had ve career starts, had been sidelined since May 2013 when he trotted up over a mile and a quarter at this track in February.
She also worked at the GDN as a proofreader in the early 1970s and wrote a recipe column.
Whether you're looking to enter the publishing and editing industries or you want to work as freelancer, the skills taught in this online proofreading course will be imperative to your future success as a proofreader.
He eventually finished just under three lengths behind the winner which was actually a pretty creditable effort and did not escape the handicappers notice either as Proofreader has been raised 1lb.
A large X placed in the margins called attention to a correction in that system; if two or more corrections were necessary in the same system, the proofreader marked the requisite number of Xs in the margin as well (for examples, see figs.
The ethic codex that the government published in the Official Gazette is perhaps not the real proofreader in politics that so far no government of independent Macedonia has succeeded to create and due to its absence, politics is one of today's most compromised professions, says Jasna Frangovska for Nova Makedonija.
Now, Harvey Pekar, the underground comic book writer best known for his autobiographical American Splendor, working together with 16 other comic artists, has transformed the oral histories of a stock broker, a labor organizer, a supermarket box boy, a proofreader, an airline reservationist, a gravedigger, a mail carrier, a jazz musician, and others originally appearing in the pages of Working into a graphic novel that visually depicts, in widely varying styles, the everyday experiences of labor in the United States.
Dear Editor, On the occasion of The Post's 150th Anniversary, I hope the time is right to tell my memories of working as a proofreader on The Birmingham Post and Mail until June, 1957, when I emigrated to the United States with my family.
Her title changed under different editorships, beginning as assistant editor; then proofreader and typesetting person; and eventually as typesetting and page layout person, and editorial proofreader.
Our proofreader noted, "It's very difficult to speak when your lips are pursed.
Grammar and spelling errors indicate that the contributions could have used a good proofreader.
Suzanne Gilad defines a copyeditor or proofreader as simply a normal person, you or me, who loves to read, puts in a little extra attention to detail and gets paid for it.
Gold, 46, began at LA Weekly in 1982 as a proofreader, but by the mid-'80s he was one of the alternative paper's most popular writers.
In 1996 Chris Mead came to the Chamber as Editor of the Detroiter and over the years also become known as historian, ghost writer, speech writer, fact checker and expert proofreader.