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Before they start work, clarify (and put in writing) exactly what you want them to do, whether it be a basic proofread or a more thorough edit of your work.
In any case, you would be wise to proofread it yourself at least twice and perhaps a third time before sending or submitting it.
After that, the same editor or another editor should proofread the manuscript and correct typos, grammatical errors and misspelled words.
One easy step to take would be to proofread your pages before uploading them.
When I prepare an article for publication I always 1) correct grammar errors, 2) edit for style, 3) correct obvious factual errors, 4) double-check all references and quotations, 5) send proofs and galleys to all authors for final approval, and 6) proofread the final version twice.
The Exo-Proofreading SNP Assay is based on the ability of specific DNA polymerases to proofread the sequence as it is generated.
Letter Perfect: A Guide to Practical Proofreading - aimed at helping "anyone who must sometimes proofread .
Proofread with Perfection: Writing, Proofreading and Grammar Techniques - Join us for this exciting new topic
Once the final draft of your essay, letter, e-mail, or resume is complete and polished in terms of content, organization, grammar, and usage, you must then proofread it carefully one or more times before submitting or mailing it.
When ready to proofread, the user simply has Naturally Speaking read back the text.
Have your essay proofread by an English teacher and your parents, then revise.
The authors' suggested improvement - "It looks as if you did not finish proofreading the last page of the weekly status report" - reads only a little less irritatingly than does the original "You never proofread any of your work.
In another task, researchers told students to proofread text until they felt "reasonably satisfied" with their work.
Jamieson says they can "professionally proofread many of your documents within one hour.
Poorly proofread, the book has a fine bibliography and includes a helpful Appendix A "Litugical vestments and accoutrements," with drawings of all pertinent material.