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Synonyms for proof

Synonyms for proof

a fact or circumstance that gives logical support to an assertion, claim, or proposal

a procedure that ascertains effectiveness, value, proper function, or other quality

having the capacity to withstand

Synonyms for proof

any factual evidence that helps to establish the truth of something

a formal series of statements showing that if one thing is true something else necessarily follows from it

a measure of alcoholic strength expressed as an integer twice the percentage of alcohol present (by volume)

(printing) an impression made to check for errors

a trial photographic print from a negative

make or take a proof of, such as a photographic negative, an etching, or typeset

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knead to reach proper lightness

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activate by mixing with water and sometimes sugar or milk

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(used in combination or as a suffix) able to withstand

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If there is damage or content loss that was not included in your original Proof of Loss, you can file a supplemental claim to have your claim payment adjusted.
opinion held that that satisfactory proof of loss could not depend on
He writes that, "to the extent that proof of loss may not be required for the purpose of the restitutionary claims for a constructive trust, or an accounting, based on the principles governing waiver of tort, the allegations of conspiracy by an unlawful act could provide a basis for such claims".
The contract required the plan participant to establish proof of loss before the plan's internal claim review process was completed.
36) While both these points are true, there are strong arguments against high damages awards to defamed corporations without proof of loss.
Nearly a year after the NCUA filed a proof of loss claim to recover alleged monetary damages connected to the collapse of St.
As stated in the typical life insurance policy, an insurer will pay the proceeds of a life insurance policy to the designated beneficiary when the beneficiary presents a claim and proof of loss, usually in the form of a certified death certificate.
This helps provide proof of loss and value when needed.
7) Send us a signed, sworn proof of loss containing the information we request to investigate the claim.
Moreover, a gain from a claim should not be recognized until all contingencies have been resolved, supported by evidence such as receipt of proceeds for the loss, a receipt of a sworn proof of loss or cash advances accompanied by correspondence from the insurer.
Proof of ownership must be shown, as is proof of loss, including receipts for having the cars towed from flooded yards.
A recent example of a small plumbing leak claim resulted in a public adjuster generated proof of loss in excess of $40,000.
Submit a signed, sworn proof of loss if requested within sixty days after the insurer's request.
On July 28, 2008, in an effort to recoup his losses from the fire, Jones caused to be mailed a letter and Sworn Statement in Proof of Loss in the amount of $2,940,229.
The insured first hired a public adjuster, submitted a proof of loss, and awaited the insurer's decision.