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capable of being uttered or pronounced

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Thus, while the longer form of God's personal Hebrew name is clearly shown by the number of its occurrences to be the preferable one, the shorter form is knowable and known, pronounceable with absolute certainty, permissible, popular, and kosher.
The word of God," Bernard wrote, "is not a sounding but a piercing word, not pronounceable by the tongue but efficacious in the mind, not only sensible to the ear but fascinating to the affection.
now becomes the Office of English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement, and Academic Achievement for Limited-English-Proficient Students (OELALEAALEPS), not even a pronounceable acronym.
The app will generate unlimited random alphabetic, alphanumeric, pronounceable, or word-based passwords.
We prefer BAR over BAPCPA because it is pronounceable and because abuse prevention came first (White 2006).
The technical name for Maynard's birth defect is quadramembral phocomelia, but a more common and easily pronounceable term is "congenital amputation.
Don't mention: People who think he should change his name to something more pronounceable - he likes it as it is.
GIFT The name should be 19 characters or less in length, preferably one word, pronounceable, non-offensive, and not too similar to an existing name for a minor planet or natural satellite.
He re-wrote the story and gave it a more memorable - and pronounceable title - and illustrated it with his own black and white drawings.
When it was time to name his children, he was adamant that the names should be simple and easily pronounceable.
Malaspina usually spelt his name 'Alexandro', a form which, as well as being standard orthography in his day, would have had the advantage for him of being pronounceable in both Italian and Spanish.
This filly was going to be well known, in all the headlines, so I had to give her a name that was strong, easily pronounceable and in keeping with who she is.
While science waits expectantly for a bigger, more easily pronounceable volcano to take over the spotlight, the best detail to emerge from this show is that the sensor located between Eyjafjallajokull and Katla is called Godabunga.
To do this, they developed a "localizer" task where subjects read either sentences or sequences of pronounceable nonwords.
But true cowboy cuisine takes us back to a time when delicious comfort food was made from plain, pronounceable ingredients and cooked with simple equipment.