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And if you're from the North East, you're more likely to pronounce it rhyming with 'gone.
The passes into both the Democrat and Republican parties were seized, in the last century, by the modern-day equivalent of the Gileadites, who bar entrance to all who will not faithfully pronounce and venerate the party shibboleths, watchwords and pet phrases.
Turner insisted on signing his name Phtholognyrrh, while continuing to pronounce it Turner.
The promotion takes the form of an audio small which challenges recipients to identify which wine a Scot, a Geordie, a Yorkshireman and a West Countryman are trying to pronounce.
How to Pronounce French, German and Italian Wine Names', written by Diana Bellucci, focuses exclusively on wine vocabulary and winery names, with sections on Spanish, Portuguese and Austrian words as well as French, German and Italian.
Merely being able to pronounce each new word correctly is not enough.
As part of the preparation for the new millenium, the Holy Father is expected to pronounce a formal "mea culpa" for the past sins of Christianity.
HARass and HARassment are the preferred pronunciations of the words we often pronounce harASS and harASSment.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Dec 21 (ANI): A Delhi court will later today pronounce the verdict in the much-anticipated 2G spectrum allocation scam cases.
While another tweeted, "Trump cannot pronounce the word 'industry': he says 'inn-DUH-stree.
I have correspondence from people saying 'Will you please pronounce it properly'.
True Scots pronounce it to rhyme with "orangey" but Hansen puts the emphasis on the "an" instead.
It is due to laziness and a poor education and it is a sad reflection on the woeful standard of language teaching in our schools that even former Harrow boys John McCririck and Nick Luck are unable to pronounce simple French words correctly.
But such is the tyranny of the printed over the pronounced letter that the English instinctively want to pronounce it as a z.
While these names imply strength in English, they meant nothing in other languages and were hard to pronounce in their English spelling.