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Incentives around motivating people to get involved in wellness programs were introduced back in the 1980s," Pronk says.
Sous le titre "Pronk touche Samsom dans le coeur", Volkskrant s'interesse a la demission de l'un des leaders historiques du parti travailliste (PvdA), Jan Pronk qui, selon le journal, ne se reconnait plus dans sa formation qui a abandonne "ses principes socio-democrates".
Aan Nederlandse zijde waren de direct betrokken bewindslieden opnieuw Pronk, die van 1989 tot 1998 weer minister van ontwikkelingssamenwerking was en die zijn beleid moest afstemmen met minister van buitenlandse zaken Hans van den Broek, in functie van 1982 tot 1993, die als matigende factor fungeerde.
Prior to taking up his new role, Pronk was Technical Account Manager for the EMEA region at CARIS.
This suggests that the gloomy octopus does not have personality," said Pronk.
At a hearing of national MPs, on 23 February, by the European Parliament's Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO), Commissioner Viviane Reding's adviser, Bartho Pronk, expressed support for targeted harmonisation of consumers' rights.
Pronk would not settle for the niceties of the situation, but pushed for a more realistic assessment of the situation.
We are very pleased that Mars, Nestle and ECOM have joined the program, as they are important players in the cocoa industry," said Frank Pronk, executive director of Utz Certified.
The central scene on the latter, known as "The Doctor's Visit to the Emperor," is based on a design by the 18th-century Dutch artist Cornelis Pronk and portrays a very Western view of life in China.
Kofi Annan, the UN secretary general, received a letter from Khartoum on Oct 22 requesting him to withdraw Pronk and has asked the envoy to New York for consultations, Annan's spokesman said in a statement.
Pronk noted that not one of the peace accord's deadlines has been met and said the humanitarian situation in Darfur is worsening, with aid workers being cut off from the ethnic African refugees who rely on them for their survival.
Jan Pronk has recommended that African peacekeepers be reinforced in Darfur where fighting has continued.
We had a feeling we could improve our results on direct mail by improving our analysis capabilities," says Jeroen Pronk, database marketing manager at FBTO.
Pronk, PhD, HealthParmers Center for Health Promotion, Minneapolis, Minnesota; Dennis L.