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a pointed projection

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You now have marked both prong locations for Spot #1.
The second prong entailed productivity optimisation.
The third prong requires that "economic performance" of a liability must occur before a taxpayer can account for a liability as incurred.
PRONG JSTORY Fork caused ulcer RELIEVED J Lee Gardner with utensil
Prong #1 - Creative Web Design - Creative strategy and design that makes sense.
6 to add a second prong to the criteria for committing inmates in local or regional jails to a psychiatric hospital.
Jitendra Singh further said the second prong is maintenance of law and order, and the state governments have taken calibrated police action to apprehend extremists.
New rural voice service from AT&T extends coverage in the town of Dry Prong; Highway 167 between Dry Prong and Winnfield; State Highway 339 between Charon and Youngsville; Highway 10 West near Fort Polk; and Crew Lake.
The Court of Appeals in Buran, however, has decided that with respect to the third prong cited above, excusability of the mistake is not an absolute requirement under New York law.
Take Eleven Prong as an example of this eastern shore.
16) Finally, the court of appeals concluded that the district court erred in favoring the CIA under the fourth prong.
1 Prong one: A low-risk, low-reward product such as a CD, savings account, or traditional fixed annuity
Supreme Court did not indicate that prong one--whether an available and adequate alternative forum exists--is reviewed for abuse of discretion.