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a pointed projection

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From its humble roots as a Kickstarter success story, Prong has become a leading name in the iPhone accessories market.
Finally, attach the wheels using the prong fasteners so they still turn round and decorate the cars to make each one unique.
In the first studies we used beech wood and could predict the deformation (bending) of the prong samples fairly good.
I have seen a video of someone using a prong collar and the pain made the dog turn on the handler.
The metal prong which was impaling the patient was left in situ and the man was taken by ambulance to the major trauma centre at University Hospital.
The entire process involves using the template to mark prong hole positions with an awl (or pencil), Make the actual holes with a leather punch, then apply the spot by pushing its prongs through the holes.
The court ruled that the assumed liabilities did not qualify for purposes of calculating AmerGen's basis in the acquired assets because the liabilities failed the economic performance prong of the three-prong all-events test.
PRONG JSTORY Fork caused ulcer RELIEVED J Lee Gardner with utensil
Jitendra Singh further said the second prong is maintenance of law and order, and the state governments have taken calibrated police action to apprehend extremists.
Take Eleven Prong as an example of this eastern shore.
1 Prong one: A low-risk, low-reward product such as a CD, savings account, or traditional fixed annuity
Supreme Court did not indicate that prong one--whether an available and adequate alternative forum exists--is reviewed for abuse of discretion.
Chaloult did not contest that IBC met the second prong of the employer defense_ The issue was whether the company met the first prong and took reasonable care to avoid the sexual harassment.
ways a plaintiff might count as disabled under this prong.