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being disposed to do something

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The factor can be labeled as Sale Proneness as it includes statements like buyers feel that when they buy products on sale; they ultimately get a very good deal, shoppers have their favorite brands which they buy on sale and they would buy the brands when they are on sale.
You can get water table information from the local water provider; your local council's engineers' or town planning department; the Environmental Agency or National Rivers Authority (especially in regard to proneness to flooding), or from the British Geological Survey.
k] we denote kth year's factor of proneness of insureds to migration called for brevity migration factor.
In the study, the researchers assessed the security of child-mother attachment relationships for 114 children at 33 months, and parents reported on their child's temperament, including anger proneness and social fearfulness.
The Oxygen Cylinders market saw significant growth rate due to governmental support, healthcare infrastructural development, growing aging population and their proneness to respiratory diseases, growth in industrial manufacturing and construction market, and increasing demand of aircraft for domestic airlines and military purpose.
The preponderance of premature deaths due to external factors suggests that one of the most likely explanations for the findings in the current study is the existence of personality characteristics of impulsiveness, risk-taking behaviors, and proneness to substance abuse.
MY attention was drawn to an item about a quiz designed at a medical centre in Ohio to test for proneness to Alzheimer's disease.
Recent research has also shown that leading an unhealthy lifestyle and obesity can lead to breast cancer, apart from genetic proneness to the disease.
Tangney (1991) found that while other-oriented personal distress was correlated to guilt proneness (motivation to make reparation for wrong), shame proneness was more closely aligned with an ego-driven self-orientation.
Kevin Mirallas' proneness to niggles is a concern for David Moyes
Think of the Abraham-to-Seinfeld, or the Sarah-to-Hannah Arendt, proneness to argument Jewish literature, from scripture to stand-up, displays a recurring love of the counterproposition, the answerback, the chutzpah.
Those with lower levels of guilt proneness were more likely to make unethical business decisions, lie for monetary gain, arrive late to work, steal office supplies, and behave rudely to clients.
fallibility and proneness to racism, intolerance, and double standards.