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a muscle that produces or assists in pronation

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The pronator muscle is still a little sore, and going up into the medial ligament up into the inside of the elbow, so it just needs a little bit of rest.
Although he added that his pronator muscle was still "quite sore", it was his putting that cost him dear.
On day 8, AP developed a subtle right-sided pronator drift.
In addition, a neurological examination revealed dysarthric speech, right arm pronator drift with mild extensor weakness, and reflex asymmetry.
On further exploration, the muscle was found to extend from the proximal insertion of pronator teres in a longitudinal direction towards the wrist, passing within a separate tendon sheath deep to Fiton's canal.
Isometric activation of pronator quadratus in supination and neutral wrist position can serve to stabilise the distal radioulnar joint (both pre-and postoperatively).
Pronator teres tone was increased on the right, and he had a mild sensory loss over the right half of the face and right arm.
The exclusion criteria consisted of (i) history of wrist trauma, rheumatic disease, acromegaly, hypothyroidism, pregnancy, or prominent orthopedic abnormalities; (ii) the absence of motor or sensory potentials of the median nerve; and (iii) various other disorders resembling CTS such as cervical radiculopathy, brachial plexopathy, pronator teres syndrome and polyneuropathy.
1986) Pronator muscle weakness in functional instability of the ankle joint.
The pronator drift is performed by asking the patient to hold both arms in front of them, palms up, with eyes closed.
Muscles include deltoid posterior (DP), middle (DM), and anterial (DA), pectorelis major clavicle portion (PC), biceps brachii (BB) including biceps long (BBlh) and biceps short (BBsh) , triceps brachii (TB) including triceps lateral (TBlt), triceps long (TBlh) and triceps mid (TBmd), brachialis (BS), brachioradialis (BR), pronator teres (PT), supinator (SP) and pronator quadratus (PQ).
We see faces on Mars, pronator drifts, or ST segment depression; we hear heart murmurs if we expect to or believe we should.
Two other important movements are pronation (palms-down), provided by the pronator teres, and supination (palms-up), provided by the small, deep supinator on the lateral side of the elbow.