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a porch or entrance to a building consisting of a covered and often columned area

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St Nicholas' abbey church of the monastic settlement at Rasca in county Suceava has one two star-shaped base steeple over the naos and one stellar base steeple resting on a square base above the pronaos.
2) is a detailed account of the pronaos at the front of the temple.
Once again, the spaces are carefully measured, and valuable observations on the convergence of the space from the pronaos toward the sanctuary are offered.
Palladio, en cambio, centra, nunca mejor dicho, su atencion e intereses en el circulo como base y en el volumen cilindrico como resultado, marcando y potenciando la axialidad mediante estructuras complementarias, como amplios pronaos con sus porticos, segun ideas de indole tipologico derivadas de sus estudios, medidas y levantamientos del Panteon de Roma.
Concluding the long pronaos with a short exegesis of the Sermon on the Mount as "an abstract of Christian philosophy [and] practice of virtue," (64) Hammond fills out the details of the covenanted life, defining the new law of love through the beatitudes and tying up the case for faithful obedience.
2) Many would have peered through the colonnade of the Temple of Zeus, where they could see the labors of Herakles depicted in metopes crowning the pronaos and opisthodomos of the temple (Figs.
Moreover, they published their records of these items in three separate series of inscriptions, one each dedicated to the pronaos, the hekatompedos and the parthenon;(3) these records are conventionally referred to as the `inventories' of Athena's treasure and are extant from 434/3.
Among his many works on early New England are Harrison Gray Otis: Urbane Federalist (1969; first published 1913), Builders of the Bay Colony (1930; revised 1958), and The Intellectual Life of Colonial New England (1956, first published The Puritan Pronaos, 1936).
O titulo <<Grande dos cinco, senhor dos tronos>> nas inscricoes tumulares de Petosiris AUTOR OU INSCRICAO LOCALIZACAO NO BENEFICIARIO TUMULO DE PETOSIRIS Sichu 116 Capela, Pilar A, face ocidental Sichu 127 Capela, Pilar C, face norte Djedtotiuefankh 57 Pronaos, Parede sul, Porta que da acesso a capela, lado oeste da ombreira Djedtotiuefankh 115 Capela, Pilar A, face oriental Djedtotiuefankh 70 Capela, nave de Djedtotiuefankh, Parede ocidental, registo superior.
The form of the tomb is a temple in miniature: it consists of a pronaos (forecourt) and naos (inner sanctuary), beneath which Petosiris and his family were buried.
One stele on which accounts of the Pronaos of Athena's treasury are inscribed is entirely dressed on both sides, but not inscribed all the way down on the obverse (IG [I.
The Ptolemaic temple was built at the front of the Middle Kingdom temple, effectively as a pronaos for the earlier building, in the reign of Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II/Cleopatra II.
This would not duplicate the proposed function of the lined cist preserved beneath the floor in the southwest corner of the pronaos of the Archaic temple.