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(law) one who promulgates laws (announces a law as a way of putting it into execution)

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And each professor as a "minister" of his department was also its protector and promulgator.
The Muslim Brotherhood, founded in Egypt in 192S by Hassan al-Banna and informed by the writings of its preeminent theorist, Egyptian Sayyid Qutb (t 906-1 966), has been the most influential promulgator of Islamism in the Sunni world.
One of the points of clarity that I appreciated with Freddie--this is my opinion; I am a little biased--but I was always able to say that you have one promulgator of the rules versus the multiple-investor scenario present with the PLS [private-label mortgage-backed securities).
211) This indicates an acknowledgement on some level by the Supreme Court--the technical promulgator of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure--of the shifting needs of digital searching.
We are guided through Barbauld's life as poet, as pedagogue, as the promulgator of "devotional sensibility" and as political radical.
19, 31 (2001), rules of statutory construction dictate that the promulgator of the rule should avoid language that may merit such an interpretation or otherwise overstep its authority.
Erastus Salisbury Field, one of America's more remarkable naive painters, promulgator of spectacular dream- and nightmare-landscapes, also featured.
The rule promulgator may have greater moral or factual knowledge than a citizen.
Yukichi Fukuzawa: A promulgator of Western rhetoric in Japan.
Here we have the case of a law that was promulgated and not received, with the eventual result that the promulgator ceased to take measures to enforce the law and later came to accept as legitimate a custom of the Eastern Rite churches that was at variance with the practice of the West.
The only support he had was his father's pre-mortem talk and pledge, and his mother, who now became the chief promulgator of her dead kwolyana's (old man's = husband's) authority and unheeded demands.
CEC, based in Long Island City, is the largest not-for-profit energy-efficiency contractor/ consultant in New York State, and an overall promulgator of green values and technology.
and there will be one master and one ruler, that is, God, over us all, for He is the author of this law, its promulgator, and its enforcing judge.
In the case of the duty-deferral program in Nufarm, Customs, as promulgator and administrator of the regulation that created the program, had the "authority to review, revise, and ultimately to repeal its own regulation," and, accordingly, exhaustion at the administrative level would not be inequitable.