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Synonyms for promulgate

Synonyms for promulgate

to bring to public notice or make known publicly

to put in force or cause to be by legal authority

Synonyms for promulgate

state or announce

put a law into effect by formal declaration

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Consumers can quickly move on to other areas of interest away from the PromulGate message once their log-on has been completed.
We cannot order the government to promulgate the ordinance.
The state's cabinet unanimously decided to promulgate the Ordinance for enacting the Maharashtra Eradication of Blind Faith Bill as a law.
This oversight on the government's part is noteworthy because the document at issue in Mead lies far below regulations in the panoply of "rules" that government agencies promulgate.
This summer AFS issued a series of Ergonomic Action Alerts urging members to write and call Congress in support of legislation prohibiting OSHA funds from being used "to promulgate, issue, implement, administer or enforce any proposed, temporary or final standard on ergonomic protection.
PromulGate is the patent-pending software technology which converts "dead" computer dial-up (or log-on) time into high-valued advertising.
At the same time, the company pledges its support in furtherance of a cooperative effort to promulgate meaningful legislation that will serve the interests of all New York citizens.
He said, it is better for state not to promulgate such type of ordinances.
The government yesterday decided to promulgate an ordinance to give the country's two-third population the right to 5 kgs of foodgrain every month at highly subsidised rates of Rs 1-3 per kg.
Syed Zafar Ali Shah, appearing in person, contended that the power of President to promulgate Ordinance under Article 89 of the Constitution was misused and the Ordinance No.
On May 23, 2004, at its spring meeting, the AICPA Council adopted revisions to resolutions that designate bodies to promulgate professional standards.
469(1)(3), however, authorizes the Service to promulgate regulations that treat a passive activity as nonpassive.
Specifically, PSA recommended that the Securities and Exchange Commission promulgate regulations requiring public officials who issue municipal bonds to disclose political campaign contributions which they have received.
Absent statutory authority, a governmental agency cannot impose rights and obligations upon parties falling within the are bit of its jurisdiction absent strict compliance with the requisite administrative and procedural steps needed to promulgate rules and regulations.
EPA must establish a list of major source categories that emit listed pollutants and then must promulgate emission standards for new and existing sources in those categories.