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Synonyms for promptness

Synonyms for promptness

the characteristic of doing things without delay

the quality or habit of adhering to an appointed time


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This promptness allowed the Brigade 13 to carry out offensive operations and to successfully carry out several actions to counter corruption in Jendouba and also in Kasserine (Mount Ouergha and the buffer zone)," he pointed out, adding in a statement to the media on the fringes of a visit organised Tuesday by the Defence Ministry for the benefit of journalists.
Almost as surprising is the fact that only 3% of the companies that did respond were following best practices in all four areas: Promptness, Persistence, Personalization and Performance.
I call this the four Ps: promptness, persistence, personalization, and performance.
Power certification, centers must perform within the top 20 percent of customer service scores based on criteria that include a specialist's courtesy, job knowledge and concern for the customer; promptness in answering customer calls; and a timely resolution of the customer's request or problem.
The Italian manufacturer of professional food catering equipment for restaurants, hotels and resorts was chosen as a partner because of its high performance equipment, the support of a team that responded with promptness to the requirements of CIR Food and worked alongside the production division in order to ensure the delivery, installation and testing of the 20 kitchen complexes in time for Expo 2015.
Perplexed, who starts out being pleased with the new promptness promise, becomes rather perturbed after a phone call from an insured and proceeds to take out his anger on Unapproachable.
It tests accuracy as well as asks for promptness in shooting the target.
Asked about the current security situation in the country, Minister Moqbel regarded the situation as "gradually improving" and pointed out that the army is in full promptness to defend the nation and its sons.
This means enhancement of effectiveness and promptness of government machine, higher responsibility of ministers, abolishment of unnecesary bureaucracy and red tape delays," President Nazarbayev highlighted.
The BJP is also afraid that with Union home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde taking credit for his promptness in clearing Afzal's file, it will take the sting out of their campaign against him.
The research, published in the British Journal of Cancer today, looked at data from more than 13,000 patients in order to measure the promptness of cancer diagnosis in primary care.
I would just like to thank the two gentlemen for their efficiency, promptness, good humour and kindness.
For the avoidance of doubt," Sheridans wrote to us in a letter not for publication, "the quantum of damages payable to our client is dependent, in part, on the promptness and adequacy of your response".
You have wider choice of cozy cafes, restaurants and coffee shops now at Al Ain Mall where you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee along with delicious break-fast in the right ambiance and get a complete experience of the rich quality, promptness and the warmth of personalised service at Al Ain Mall's coffee shops.