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Synonyms for promptness

Synonyms for promptness

the characteristic of doing things without delay

the quality or habit of adhering to an appointed time


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If these interactions are handled in a forthcoming way with honesty and promptness, then rapport is built up and the organization is better insulated against negative publicity in the future.
It is often said that civic associations sprout like mushrooms after the rain, when there is a reason for it but recently they surpassed every norm according to the promptness and number with which they appear, says Goce Trpkovski for Nova Makedonija.
Minister of Justice Ghazi al-Aghbari affirmed Sunday the importance the government has for commercial judiciary and its concern to improve it in a way to ensure promptness in dealing with raised cases as well as issuance of verdicts thereof in a timely manner to prove for litigants ability and impartiality of the Yemeni judiciary.
The reason for annulment of many laws, according to Kadriu, is because they cannot follow the uncontrolled promptness and without expert consultation.
As we seem to read so many complaints about one thing or another, I thought it's time to pay compliments now and then when such promptness is shown.
Also I am grateful to the consultant, Mr Berrill, as all was done in such promptness.
It also mentioned the government's target of generating 10% of electricity from renewable sources by 2010, which highlighted the need for promptness in any challenges.
However, the latest quarterly study reveals that, as well as improving availability and promptness, retailers have reduced the number of bags used in their orders.
Admitted to practice: 1976) Benton failed to act with reasonable diligence and promptness in representing a client and did not advance the probate of an estate, causing the case to be dismissed for inaction.
Dubay points out six general traits of those who reach the summit of holiness, such as the habitual practice of virtue even in painful and difficult situations, promptness in doing what needs to be done, and cheerful joy.
Arkansas ranked 46th among states in Halt's "2006 Lawyer Discipline Report Card," which graded lawyer discipline systems in six categories: adequacy of discipline, publicity and responsiveness, openness, fairness, public participation, and promptness.
With its improved operability and promptness, the FOBITWAKO helps smoothly conduct fecal occult blood tests for hemorrhagic digestive diseases at large-scale hospitals.
By the way, the word tip, which originated in England, was meant as an acronym for-the phrase "to insure promptness.
In terms of dress and promptness only (see tip number six), a board interview should be treated no differently then a professional job interview.
I reported the incident to the police and they arrived with commendable promptness to ensure my home was safe from further intrusion.