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Synonyms for prompter

someone who assists a performer by providing the next words of a forgotten speech

a device that displays words for people to read


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Utrinski vesnik says that Macedonian authorities, said to have been nervous because of Thaler's criticisms against reforms in Macedonia, were pointed out in the course of the investigation as indirect prompters of the bugging of Thaler.
In 1984, sensing a need to produce a reliable, economical range of prompters and anticipating the electronic age, Listec entered into the direct manufacture of prompting systems, alongside its distributed line.
2 Core Measures Prompters Standardized order sets, progress notes prompting required documentation.
WE'VE teamed up comedy prompters Ten Feet Tall to offer readers the chance to enjoy lots of laughs for FREE.
Sure these types of prompters are useful, just don't give them the keys to the store in the process.
But the books that truly got me going, in the mode of major ego-idea prompters, were those of Susan Sontag and Walter Benjamin.
From Ear Prompters to Anniversoirees to Retro Sports
BDI reacted to this and said that the Albanian Government has no need of prompters and mentors from the Macedonian parties.
in London and QTV in New York produced and patented the very first prompters.
The Calgary Television system, which will initially support 36 users, includes dual Digital Equipment Corporation CPUs, script and utility printers, editorial and production control, dual prompters and a closed captioning sub-system, which will be a first in their market.