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someone who assists a performer by providing the next words of a forgotten speech

a device that displays words for people to read


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prompter, when used as a combined system, utilises less power than other prompting solutions, according to Vitec Group.
I was cued though my entire four-line role and thus added another arrow to the quiver of my operatic skills: working with a prompter.
Miss Australia Monika Radulovic appeared to back this up: "All the girls saw on the prompter, 'Philippines, you may now take your first walk as Miss Universe,'" she told ABC News.
Paul Nicholls is double-handed with Lac Fontana and Vibrato Valtat and Jonjo O'Neill looks to Prompter and Get Back In Line.
Operating positions, from left to right, comprise prompter, producer, graphics, producer, production assistant, lighting and camera control.
Scene 2: the prompter loses twenty pages of script; exits through vomitory.
And Ryan has picked an experienced prompter at fly-half in Paul Warwick.
Video Scheduler is a cognitive aid and prompter designed for use by individuals with cognitive or memory disabilities or autism.
If there is no prompter reaction, the Macedonian politics will continue to dictate the economy, belittle and pressure Albanians.
The updated action plan is aimed to reduce statelessness through prompter change of the old USSR passports, ensuring registration of all children at birth, raising awareness of rights and responsibilities, streamlining the related regulations with the law on citizenship of 2007.
no, announced on Monday that it has release the latest addition to its Social TV product family, Prompter, an app designed for on-air presenters, anchors and hosts to use social media and interactive content while on camera.
discusses the second-century Aristotle commentator and traces the impact of his ideas through the history of Aristotelian psychology to the 16th century when it served as a clandestine prompter of the new philosophy of nature.
Ascot's card is fairly low key by its usual standards but that shouldn't stop Prompter (3.
The Pad Prompter is a portable and affordable video teleprompter that uses an iPad to display scrolling text for actors and speakers.
But the difference is that Greece is not in a hurry while we are those that need to force a prompter solution.