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Synonyms for promoter

Synonyms for promoter

someone who is an active supporter and advocate

a sponsor who books and stages public entertainments

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The news allayed increasing fears that no promotors would step forward and stage one of the biggest event logistical challenges of the Cycle Speedway racing calendar.
Promotors of Rawat Relaties Prashant & Pradeep Rawat along with other promotors Aarti Prashant Rawat.
A spokesman for gig promotors Regular Music said: "There have been no outrageous demands, which is not normal at all.
THE PROMOTORS of a European Commission-supported research project encouraging municipalities across Europe to establish local broadband services say their four trials have proved a success.
But unless promotors put a stop to freak shows like Tyson and Golota he will slip into the murky depths of a sport that is in real danger of losing its credibility.
8 million will be attributed for projects for which Hungarian or Romanian organisations will either be promotors or in partnership with entities in Member States or in the other countries of the European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein).