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tending to further or encourage

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Promotive and prohibitive voice behavior in organizations: A two-wave longitudinal examination.
The EP4 receptor is strongly associated with an immunosuppressive and tumor promotive effect via immune cell modulation.
On Sunday, the supposed visitation day at Bahay Aruga, Department of Social Welfare and Development Undersecretary for Promotive Programs Ma.
Providing free of cost preventive, promotive and curative eye care service to the unreached patients in the remote regions with the help of local communities is our aim to stop the spread of preventable blindness, he added.
Cooperative learning occurs when the following five basic elements occur: positive interdependence, individual accountability, face-to-face promotive interaction, social skills, and group processing (Johnson & Johnson, 1989).
The Government of India has been taking corrective measures in making India and its citizens a healthy and a productive and released the National Health Policy, 2017 which calls for more active case detection with greater involvement of the private sector supplemented by preventive and promotive action in the workplace and in living conditions.
Therefore, there is a need for comprehensive geriatric care service that focuses on preventive and promotive services to enable the older people lead a life free from physical and psychosocial problems, thus contributing to the social and economic development of society and country as a whole.
The voluntary organisations would be involved in delivering the 'Messages' on preventive and promotive health and social and nutritive care for women and children, (ix) Other measures: Efforts are made towards creation and promotion of equal employment opportunities for men and women.
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It is important to embrace preventive, promotive, proactive and diagnostic interventions to address a number of lifestyle diseases, especially cancer," said Dr Rebecca Desiderio, chief executive officer of The Medical City in Dubai.
Participants joined specialised teams, a group to develop the students and young people's health services, the development of a set of preventive and promotive services to primary health care (motherhood and childhood, the early detection of cancer and the risk factors for non-communicable diseases).
This case study examines the experiences of African American and Latina nursing students in and outside their nursing program and highlights the hurdles and promotive elements nested within and around nursing education that impact URM student recruitment and retention.
co-location in all public health establishments), so that preventive, promotive and rehabilitative health care services can be offered to all sections of society [8].
Promotive interaction, another element of cooperative learning, exists when group members challenge and facilitate each other's reasoning in order to achieve the group goal.
The minister also stressed ministry's support for all promotive steps taken by the leadership and the government of the two countries to achieve goals.