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Essentially, the emphasis on a drug's efficacy outweighs the important safety information, which should be distributed evenly throughout the promotional material or presentation in question.
The revelation came into light after a rare copy of the contract titled 'Billing guarantee: Sean Connery', between the actor's management company Inforex, and the company which was responsible for worldwide distribution of 'Goldfinger' promotional material, was sold by a private collector in California, which is now expected to be sold for 1000 euros at International Autograph Auctions sale in London.
Government officials issued advertising guidance to trusts in 2004 and again in 2007 saying that allowing such promotional material might imply that the trust endorses the companies which could "undermine the relationship between staff and patients".
In the exhibition Promotional Materials, Publications, including audios and videos have been placed.
Clients expect banks to offer better services at their first contact and to them it is much more important that the employees look orderly than the design of the interior or whether the promotional materials are in their proper place.
Business director for Northern Europe, Roland Allen, said: "We know that optical professionals are busy, so the website conveniently provides access to training and promotional material online which we hope that UK practices will be able to use to boost sales.
AU grew more concerned after seeing "Salute to the Troops" plugged as an official Air Force 60th anniversary celebration in TFP promotional materials and a military newspaper.
These courts have refused to confine advertising to widespread promotional materials and have instead suggested that advertising also could include one-on-one solicitation.
com Venus Fantasy Photo Shoot promotional material," said Troy Genzer, President of NewDef Media.
Often the promotional materials highlight a low introductory rate, while the higher rate that will apply when the introductory rate expires is more difficult to locate.
Bord Failte threw out the emblem a year ago and spent pounds 100,000 altering all their promotional material and stationery.
CD-ROM: Many companies distribute promotional material on CD-ROM.
The promotional material details the benefits to the participant, his or her manager and the organization.
This package includes holiday graphics such as a Christmas banner and new fixtures which feature promotional material appropriate to the season.
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