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the cost of promoting a product

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These changes have begun to pay off in significantly lower rebate and promotional expenses with the promotional expense ratio to sales falling to 27.
Historically, the Company reported certain promotional expenses as selling expenses, which were included in selling and marketing expense on the Company's statements of operations.
Sales and promotional expenses were $210,730 in 2002 versus $233,570 the prior year.
Some state conventions, suspicious of the Executive Committee's authority, did not contribute to the SBC the 50 percent expected, and, as in the past, states and the SBC disagreed over who should pay promotional expenses.
handles selling and promotional expenses by company President J.
In addition, the Council have approved an additional pounds 5,000 grant to assist in the promotional expenses of the finals to cover advertising, programmes, hospitality and spectator facilities.
automakers raised promotional expenses to absorb the negative effects of rising gasoline prices, industry officials said.
Sponsorship and promotions are normally organised by marketing departments and treated as publicity or promotional expenses, but the Inland Revenue will argue that some of the expense is really staff entertaining or customer hospitality.
Higher operating expenses included increased advertising and promotional expenses, primarily related to the continued support of Sam Adams Light.
The direct expenses exceeded our budget due to the increase in sales, but also due to a number of other factors such as legal and promotional expenses for the new self-study products.
Atlantic Mutual also covers advertising and promotional expenses if a building is behind schedule for a grand opening, for example.
Manufacturers can pay for such promotional expenses known as slotting fees, but are not supposed to discriminate among retailers unless they are trying to match prices by the competition.
The Tote, criticised for the 30-per-cent take-out from the new bet to cover promotional expenses, started the promotion last weekend with a full-page advert in the Racing Post, a prelude to a big campaign across the national press on Saturday.
In fact, if you include promotional expenses, the average budget for a major-studio film comes in at almost $60 million, and big productions can easily go over $100 million.
Under the regulation, selling expenses, such as marketing and promotional expenses, are purposefully linked with advertising expenditures and should be treated similarly since both result in customer patronage and sales.
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