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the cost of promoting a product

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Specifically, this resulted in increased salaries and commissions as a result of an increase in the Company's sales and sales support staff, higher advertising and promotional expense and increased general and administrative expense resulting from higher legal and accounting expenses associated with recent capital raising efforts and being a public company and costs of additional support in the form of personnel and computer systems.
These changes have begun to pay off in significantly lower rebate and promotional expenses with the promotional expense ratio to sales falling to 27.
Similarly, Hindustan Unilever's ad and sales promotional expenses surged to 16.
Sadly, they say much of it went to their record company and promotional expenses.
1 million, largely because of higher promotional expenses, lower inflation-driven inventory gains, lower fuel margins and the previously mentioned asset impairment charge.
The grants are designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises establish sustainable export markets, providing annual grants which partially reimburse promotional expenses.
Promotional expenses are shared and minimized with the use of email and social media.
Not surprisingly, promotional expenses have now come to be a huge chunk of the film's overall budget.
The Company is buoyant on the success, which by far surpassed their expectations, especially as it was a noteworthy achievement given the minimum expenditure incurred on advertising and promotional expenses.
3 percentage points of sales, primarily due to increased promotional expenses.
Unlike FCPA, the act does not contain an exception for facilitation payments or reasonable promotional expenses.
95) Stated differently, "rule 12b-1 under the 1940 Act is the exclusive means by which a fund may bear the cost of selling, marketing, or promotional expenses associated with the distribution of its shares.
This is another understandable move that attempts to uncover some promotional expenses that were more truly discounts.
This method of competition ''has led to higher advertising and promotional expenses, dilution in brand value and shorter product cycles,'' the credit rating agency said in a statement.
Some state conventions, suspicious of the Executive Committee's authority, did not contribute to the SBC the 50 percent expected, and, as in the past, states and the SBC disagreed over who should pay promotional expenses.
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