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a system for advancing participants to higher-status positions

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With static closeout dates for each rank in place, the Air Force announced it will update the enlisted performance report forms and utilize new forced distribution and senior rater stratification restrictions to round out the incremental changes to enlisted evaluation and promotion systems with performance as the driving factor in promotions.
The Director of Policies Managements and Regulatory Affairs also pointed out that the promotion system is circulated among all government parties, and uploaded on the portal for (CSB), so as to facilitate reviewing and applying it by the government parties, pointing out that there would be workshops to be held for human resources personnel to inform about the promotion system.
While Edinburgh believes the Conference promotion system should change, he is adamant this could be Newport's year.
7 ( ANI ): Engineers in Japan are developing a safe driving promotion system that cautions drivers about what kind of accident they could get involved in, if they didn't lower their speed.
A curious aspect of our promotion system is that the higher the rank, the smaller the percentage of our competent officers.
I am delighted to announce that the MIUR, the Italian Ministry for instruction and University Research, has ranked ltalica as one of the most important scholarly journals for three distinct disciplines: Italian linguistics, literature, and philology, Italica is, in fact, one of the top venues reconlmended to Italian scholars who are facing the "concorsi universitari," the national contests which determine both the academic job market and the tenure and promotion system in Italy.
Singh's belief that the promotion system in the armed forces was being manipulated by a coterie of officers.
Three women plaintiffs say Costco's promotion system has a disparate impact on women employees who seek advancement to general manager and assistant general manager.
The proposed promotion system is more meritocratic and allows educators who have served eight years to move to a higher post," Demosthenous said.
I wish the authors had attacked the Officer Evaluation System and the promotion system in separate articles.
AdPro Poly has also demonstrated improved stability at elevated temperatures making it an excellent adhesion promotion system for harsh environment applications and is biocompatible for the medical device applications.
The Army has modified it's Semi-Centralized Promotion System.
The ministry will continue to provide support to different sectors in accordance with a new export promotion system which will start next July," Rachid added.
It also made recommendations for reform as it found the Navy's promotion system "a matter of concern" and the procedure employed by the promotion board was "primitive".
Its mandate is to ensure that the merit system that underlies the FS promotion system continues to provide eligible employees an equal opportunity for advancement based on achievements and potential.
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